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  1. Thanks Hans. Thats weirdly comforting! At least I can rest assured I have not totally lost my mind. What Flight plans are compatible?
  2. Guys, I know there are several versions of this question in the forum and I have spent the better part of an hour or more trying to get a flight plan loaded, so those posts are not helping me and they are quite aged. So for a more updated question on this subject... CRJ 700/900 version AIRAC 2012 Issue: Load Error What I have done: Pointed Navigraph FMS Data Manager to the Digital Aviation CRJ, NavData folder \Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\NavData. Updated AIRAC via Navigraph to the latest cycle (2012). Updated S
  3. Hello, Its quite interesting that I have not seen an answer to the Differential Brakes problem other than: not following procedures; not installed properly or something that indicates user error. Well, I am here to tell you this is not user error. Here is my story, lol: Did a late evening flight from KPHL to TXKF in the Airbus 320. Left Philly with no problem, landed in Bermuda, no problem. Taxi. Park. Disembark (hey that rhymes!). Parking Breaks on, Chocks, Cones, APU on. I leave the plane as I go into the terminal to find something to eat (went in my kitchen to cook dinner).
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