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  1. quick question, if i pre-order the Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe ( digital copy) when it comes out do i download it from the Aerosoft store or the Microsoft store ? because right now when i click on the link it takes it to the Microsoft store to place the order. thank you
  2. thank you Mathijs appreciate the feed back !! i just found it weird
  3. So today did a flight on the AS330 from LPPT to KMIA - when i got to KMIA the Altimeter was 33.79 however when i tried to set it on the A330 it does not move past 32.01 is this normal ? Just wondering Manuel
  4. Thanks @DaveCT2003 for being the voice of reason unfortunately LM did a poor job with V5 its not just A330 that is causing issues my PMDG 747 crushes my system and even the qualitywings has some issues so for me. it is great to know that aerosoft is working hard with LM to mitigate just as we hope other developers are doing the same.
  5. @Mathijs Kok and team just want to also congratulate you guys on this product !! Really looking forward to other improvements you guys will make to this already great bird !!
  6. Hey Mathijs and team I too want to echo the sentiment of many and I it saddens me that a "few rotten apples" have ruin things for everyone else that comes to these forums to look at the great progress of what is obvious a much anticipated product. But I get it, as someone that loves siming and loves the Aerosoft Airbus series i get why you guys have to do this. Nothing is more frustrating for someone that comes to check the progress of a product and is bombarded with such negativity from few. I don't comment much on posts good or bad, but what these post have allowed for someone like me is to learn about Airbus, features that i didn't even think it existed , systems in a way that otherwise not possible. But i understand. My comment to Aerosoft and to your team is that you guys are different because of the engagement you guys have with the real customers and potential customers and don't let that change. You guys dont want to be like others who want your "blood type" before your are accepted to their forums. Keep up the good work and "real customers" will wait patiently for the bird. Manuel
  7. hello painters out there any one interested in repainting this beauty -- https://www.flickr.com/photos/sierra-aviation-photography/36498635071 i know it is TAP only uses this on the A330 - but it would be nice to have a fictional A319
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