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  1. There should be some improvements to holding altitude and GS with the autopilot on the next update.
  2. The trim is being looked at for the next update.
  3. Hi Goulash and Recreation, Thanks for the reports. I have forwarded these up.
  4. Hi por930, Very strange issue. I have not had any issues with Loadsheet creation and just tested all aircraft again and could not recreate the issue. Few things that comes to mind. Make sure that you are running the fuel planner as an administrator. After that, the first obvious thing to make sure is that you have all the information filled and press generate loadsheet. Secondly, try to move the .txt files from Loadsheet folder to a different location so that the loadsheet folder is empty and see if that way you can create new loadsheet. If that doesn't work as a last resort thing you could try reinstalling the busses.
  5. Some photos from Lapland (I know that this aircraft livery got lost pretty far from Solomon Islands but oh well. Let's say, she delivered lots of letters to Santa from all the kids from Solomon Islands). The sun really doesn't get much higher than that this time of the year. Wilderness as far as eyes can see. Also some nice frozen lakes. Maybe next time I should equip it with skis and do some more exploring of these lakes as well.
  6. Try to copy the quartz.ttf file (or press install on it) so that it's installed inside your Windows/Fonts folder. Fonts there have priority. You can also check through the control panel if the font is loaded correctly.
  7. We've talked with ORBX and the issue should have been fixed now. If you have previously installed the CRJ through ORBX Central, it's recommended that you run "verify files" on following three components through the Central. - CRJ PRO v5 - CRJ Shared Components - CRJ User Files
  8. Hello R Smith, We'll have a look into this and coordinate with ORBX to check the installer and the files provided. Thanks for the report. PS: Check your DMs
  9. Hi, if you could describe the exact steps that you took with the route and waypoints that you removed, we could try to recreate and see what's going on there. The thing is really that we have noticed that with these freeze cases there are multiple different cases that are unrelated other than that they all cause FMS or sim to freeze. We have already rectified several of them but it's basically trial and error to find more of them. And it's simply impossible for us to try every single combination ourselves. So the feedback and steps to recreate are greatly appreciated so that we can have a look and try to rectify more of these cases. From this thread it's clear that if you have a missed approach that ends in a holding, and you remove that holding (which is the last waypoint on the FPLN page) it will create and endless leg and freeze the FMS when trying to reselect the approach. We will have a look into that like already mentioned. About the discontinuity mentioned two messages above. It's a known issue. There should not be a discontinuity between the last enroute waypoint and the first waypoint of the STAR if they are the same waypoint. Instead they should all connect nicely and show this waypoint just once. We are planning to improve this in the future updates, once Hans is able to commit more time again for the CRJ from other projects that are going on. But still, these reports don't go unnoticed and we are constantly keeping track and building a backlog of issues and try to prioritize them for future updates.
  10. Hello airnova. I have explained the reason why it's operating like it does. If you want to tune off the VHF1 receive channel you have to first select the MIC selector on VHF2 by pressing the VHF2 TX button. I have highlighted this button in the picture below. Once you have done this, you can now deselect VHF1. Like I said, you cannot delesect RX channel on a channel that you have TX active. The sim simply does not allow that.
  11. There is no malfunction. It's a simple thing that you are trying to close RX feed for a channel that has TX active which is not possible on the sim. On sim variables you always must have at least one RX and one TX channel open, nothing we can do about this. From cold and dark to get into the situation that you have on your fourth picture, just press the VHF2 "CALL" button first and then close the VHF1 RX channel. So you have to first move RX to VHF2, and as you move the RX the TX automatically also activates for VHF2 because that's how the sim variable works. The channel that has TX selected will have also the RX selected.
  12. Hello @FoxtrotOstrich Duplicate waypoints on the arrival is a different issue. I would like to have a look into that as well to see if I can find any commonalities why this is happening on certain cases. It's something I can also recreate occasionally, but so far have not been able to pinpoint exactly. So if you could point me towards these 3-4 threads that already exists about it, that would be very much appreciated and I will take a look. Also, if you can give some good examples I could check, that would be great. You can open a new thread about this as well and I'll have a look there. With this exact freeze case, it's fairly clearly connected deleting a missed approach HOLD waypoint. I tested it by deleting all the other waypoints from the arrival except the last HOLD and I was still able to reselect the approach and keep using the FMS after. In general, I don't really see any reason why you would want to delete this last waypoint on the missed approach in this case. Now, like I said, we already both agree that the FMS should not freeze/crash even in this case. But I would still also like to remind that you should be mindful how you actually modify the flight plan and understand how the flight plan is structured and what you are actually trying to achieve with the modification instead of just blindly selecting waypoints and deleting them. But yeah, we'll have a look into this case once we have a chance.
  13. Hello airnova, I am not really sure either what you are trying to achieve but my guess is that you want to have a state where the radios are completely turned off before you start the flight? The receive channel switch will be locked in place if you have the mic selector also selected on that channel. I am not 100% sure but I believe this is actually something that comes from the sim variables and with the sim itself one radio channel has to always be open, so this is just reflected. For vatsim purposes if you want to for example select radio 2 for receive, you can always pull the knob out there (also remember, pulled out means that the channel is open). If you want to close the VHF1 receive, you have to first move the mic selector to VHF2 channel and only then can you close it.
  14. Hello @FoxtrotOstrich I was able to recreate this and find the culprit with your video. But details do really matter because the case here is that you manually deleted the last waypoint "HOLD AT EX" which then basically creates completely open flight plan with a leg that goes 2300nm into "no-where" and the F-PLN is basically now missing all the information it would need to correctly formulate the approach routine. In the end, it's never a good idea to manually delete any waypoints from the approach procedure unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing (performing a direct, or getting rid of an unnecessary discontinuity). Checking your video you seem to have selected ILS 08 approach into EGTE without selecting any transition. With the waypoints you start to enter (D244B) it looks to me that you are looking for some kind of transition into EGTE that goes from GIBSO to EX and then D244B. This transition is preprogrammed into the arrival procedures and can be found under "EX1" transition. So next time if you go to EGTE ARR page (without deleting any waypoints first) and select ILS08 and then scroll down the TRANS list and select EX1 transition, you should get what you are looking for. Now, it's obivous that the FMC should not really freeze because that would render the FMC completely useless for the remainder of the flight. So I have pointed this flaw out to the developer. However, the FMC was initially not really developed to take this kind of exceptional case into account since it's completely non-standard way of inserting data into the FMC. We'll see if there is anything we can do to prevent this in the future.
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