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  1. Is the CTD happening in certain area in your simulator or regardless where you are flying? Is this something that you have always experienced or something that has occurred just recently?
  2. I think I was able to reproduce this issue. There is a split second period where the fuel flow went to 0 during startup (TA state, ENG2 started normal but ENG1 FF had short reset to 0). I'll add this on the issue tracker.
  3. This sounds like your simulator fps is dropping below 18 fps which is the minimum that needs to be maintained in order for the aircraft to work completely. Could be that you watching videos from Youtube eat up some resources from your CPU that causes some fps drop in your simulator.
  4. Yeah. The aircraft is definitely using the default NavDataPro 1809 cycle that it gets shipped with. Please change the cycle through the A3xx configurator to Navigraph and then the latest flight plans generated on simbrief or PFPX with 2003 cycle should work.
  5. I believe we are talking about the A330 here? The aircraft sets the takeoff trim automatically after hydraulic power becomes available. Also trim is reset to UP4.0 automatically after landing when spoilers are retracted. Essentially there is no need to touch the trim in any case during normal operations when flying the A330. So does it pitch up to 9.3 units even if you don't touch the trim at all trying to set it yourself.
  6. And what was the A330 version? To be honest, if it was working before and suddenly after you installed(?) Windows 10 it's not working it's a problem related to your system rather than our product. What you could try is reinstalling our A330 but other than that there is not much that we can do at this point to help you unfortunately.
  7. Hello Aerosoflot_Danil, What version of the A330 are you using? Also what exact Prepar3D version are you using? Easiest way to check the Prepar3D client version is to in sim go to help -> About Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. No need to include the license number. Only interested in the version number.
  8. Hello freddiel, What version of the Airbus are you using? About the turnaround state issue where screens are blank, we are aware of this issue where the EXT PWR is not always connected when loading in turnaround state. We tried to have a look into this but unfortunately so far we have been unable to point where the issue lies. You can get around this by loading the turnaround state again and the displays should work again. About the navdata not working. What Navdata provider are you using? Do you have the correct provider selected through the configurator? What does the FMGS Data page say for the primary nav cycle?
  9. There are definitely different flight and performance dynamics between the IAE and CFM engines that we have also tried to model. But I'll try to find time to have a look into the performance data from both engines in our aircraft and see. But cannot promise any timeline right now since we are working on so many things currently at the same time.
  10. There will be some preliminary changes to prevent trim values outside the green band on the next update. We are looking to make further improvements on the fuel planner values as well like Masterhawk said.
  11. mean of 24 fps sounds pretty low. Given it only gives buffer of 6 fps before you run below the fps that is known to cause problems because how our code is syncing with Prepar3D code. Please try with lower simulator settings so that you get at least mean of 30 fps with never dropping under 18 fps.
  12. Thre is an issue on shared cockpit currently that unsyncs the parking brake in CFD if your disable it with the toebrakes instead of the brake handle. When flying in CFD please use the parking brake only through the pedestal parking brake handle.
  13. Hello guys, I will do some tests comparing the climb performance between A320 CFM and A320 IAE engines on same route, weights and weather. We'll see if I can recreate any issue there and go from there to determine if there is anything we can do about it right now.
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. This is a known issue and should be fixed on the next update.
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