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  1. Hi ! I'd love to see any kind of maintenance or something like that for hot brakes, like in PMDG aircraft, since there is no brake fans Something to add in the ground services section to either change or cool brakes. On the other hand, regarding sounds, I wish the exterior APU sounds doesn't "suddenly" appears, this is an issue I have noticed since the A320 Professional.
  2. I have dynamic lighting enabled, and I still experienced the light disappearance issue : In these screenshots, dome light, and flood light were on, but disappeared when the camera is positioned on a certain angle : And partially reappeared when positioned a bit upwards : This is also happening on exterior lights (nav/taxi/landing/logo) : Even from the cockpit, taxi/landing light disappeared with this light bug. This seems to only happen on the ground, once in the air, everything is normal. But taxiing in bad weather or very dark environment for example might be quite difficult with this bug.
  3. Hi ! The screens were about the lights disappearing, the first one is while looking a bit up (the light disappeared), then the second screen is when looking a bit down (where the lights seems to reappear). I don't remember having done any modification to my P3D files. I'm currently doing a night flight where it seems to be okay for now.
  4. Hello, thanks for your reply ! I did read it before posting, and surprisingly, my brightness setting for example are much higher than the one in the manual, and is still to gloomy and dark. The manual doesn't seems to address the issue I am reporting here, regarding all lights vanishing suddenly in a different angle/direction.
  5. Yes it is unticked. Apparently it did happened to other users too - and it might be related to GSX. After another attempt, this issue did not happened again, but not sure the reason.
  6. Good afternoon, I have just started a flight few minutes ago, but had to stop it because of a weird issue : right after take-off, I noticed that the aircraft wasn't burning any fuel, and a little ECAM message was saying "REFUELG"... Any ideas about that ?
  7. Good morning ! I am really happy to own the A330, that I was waiting for years, and I understand that it has been literally just released. But the issue I had the most is regarding lighting. From what I read on one link you gave on the preview forum, you had some issues with Real Light, causing artifacts. I don't know if the issue I have is related, but I loose almost all interior lights (flood, dome), and some exterior (logo+nav, landing light) while taxiing or "looking" in a particular direction/angle. In addition to that, the cockpit seems really dark, even with the dome light (and making sure that INT LT CTL is switched too). I don't know the differences, but I never got that in the A320 family, which I'm aware is a different technology used. I have attached two screens of the cockpit. Best regards !
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