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  1. Thank you so much for your answer! The thing I understand, is that in this moment there aren't any Aerosoft Airbus 320 I can buy for P3Dv4? A version for P3DV4 is in development .
  2. Hello Dear People, I updated my Sim from P3DV3 to P3DV4 and now my Airbus 320/321 have a throttle problem. I think this is a FSUIPC issue, because when I had P3DV3 I had throttle issues, then I realized it was bacause I didn't have FSUIPC, and the problem obviously was solved. Now I have P3DV4 and I only can have FSUIPC V5. I'm just thinking Airbus A320/321 is compatible just with FSUIPC V4. What I can do to make my Airbus work in P3D V4? I hope you can help me! Thank you so much!
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