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  1. The font update worked for all AB's. Everything is looking A O K - Many thanks to all for the support!! Cheers!
  2. Yes I did a reboot. Just completed a full flight, with no issues in the over operation. Just the hiccup with the font. If that's the worst, I can live with that.
  3. After completing the recommended adjustments to all folders, I am happy to report that AS 319-321 pro are working. (See attached photos) The only small "minor" hiccup, is the font size over the autopilot display. I am not worried about that though, I'll get that worked out in time. Over all the aircraft is performing as expected. Thank you for the support and help. Happy flying !!
  4. I will be glad to work on those changes and will get back to you. Thank you!
  5. HI, Yes to your first question. Everything is under Admin. In the past after loading up my chosen flight details, it would load. everything is usually up and running. I then select cold and dark from the option CDU. As the one picture shows, I do not get any options to choose any state.
  6. I know that there has been much discussion on this topic, but here is my situation. Brand new computer so I am reinstalling P3D up to ver 4.5. Followed the recommended installation process for A218-321. Up dated both to via AS updater. My computer is MSI mb with an I7-8700k cpu @ 3.70 Ghz, Nvidia 2080 Vid card. now there is one change I noted during the install of both Airbus pro packs. Some of the subdirectories shown were to my cloud file located in my documents file. Would that cause any issues?? Anyways this is my work out project to get fixed. As a side note, had no issues with my CRJ install and PMDG installs. Many thanks in advance
  7. I am glad I wasn't the only one with this issue. I have Ver 4.5. Is that an issue as well ?
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