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  1. Hi, I have the non-transparent window issue using DX9 in FSX. Best regards, Robin.
  2. Hi, Have you performed maintenance on it lately? Have you looked after the engine properly? If not, the performance degrades, or you could even end up with an engine failure..... Best regards, Robin.
  3. Hi, How does it compare with the Do-27?? Best regards, Robin.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the info! Why MS didn't get it right in the first place I'll never know - they must be the most incompetent developers ever. Best regards, Robin.
  5. Maybe not..... the FSX menu doesn't draw in the video rendering the whole point useless. FRAPS kills the framerate, too - only 6 FPS when it is recording! :!: Best regards, Robin.
  6. A FRAPS video is imminent... :twisted: Best regards, Robin.
  7. Hi, During install of Heathrow 2008 it asks if I have SP1 or SP2 installed in FSX. Does it actually install a different set of files or set a config entry differently depending on the SP level?? I installed under SP1 - what happens when I install SP2?? Do I need to re-install to get it to install the SP2 specifics? Best regards, Robin.
  8. Hi, I can push 22 FPS out of it with max AI and no AutoGen, but I can't get any more out of it than that. Even if I disable AA and go to multi-GPU mode, I still can't get better than 22. In FS2004 I get 150 FPS in that config. In summary: FSX is screwed. My rig: Intel Core2 Duo E6700 (at stock) 2Gb DDR2 800 RAM 1Gb GeForce 7950GX2 Win XP Pro SP2 FSX @ 1600x1200x32 Best regards, Robin.
  9. Sounds like an AI problem rather than an AFCAD problem. Using AFCAD2 you could check to make sure there is an AI runway link, but if they're landing, it appears that might be OK. :?: Best regards, Robin.
  10. I thought you might place her there temporarily and then move her when you do an update. I'll see if I can add her separately then. Best regards, Robin.
  11. Apart from the Bloom effect (which is FSX, not the scenery), there is nothing that couldn't be done in FS9. I tried your MegaHeathrow X scenery and together with a "complex add-on" it kills frames sufficiently to make it borderline un-flyable (15 FPS in clear weather, no AI, no AutoGen). I appreciate that is more FSX than your scenery though. FSX is out for me until I can afford some super-rig, or MS get their act together and sort the performance issues out (but that won't be until at least FS11 now - hopefully they learned from the disaster that was FSX). Best regards, Robin.
  12. OK! With the scenery being set in the future in line with changes at the airport, I just wondered if there were plans to put her into storage somewhere instead of on prominent display. Any possibility of putting her temporary spot in the scenery? I asked over at the SSTSIM forums and she's presently parked in the corner by the far BA hangar on the South-East side of the airport. Best regards, Robin.
  13. Hi, Where did Concorde go that was parked by the taxi way??? Is it missing from the scenery or are there plans to (re)move it IRL? Best regards, Robin.
  14. Hi, I was wondering which area Lukla was considered to be in, actually. Best regards, Robin.
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