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  1. I just flew from EPWA to ZBAA. During the cruise, the speed suddenly dropped from the managed M0.82 to 119 knots. I am pretty sure I did not perform any APPR phase or speed restrictions and something else. It started from the climbing phase. I can't solve this problem, so I temporarily selected speed M0.82 to fly. As long as I change back to manage mode, it will jump back to 119 knots. P3Dv5 HF2 newest A330
  2. When i fly a long range flight (10hrs), I will get about 10FPS when landing, even in a default scenery still around 10FPS. But when i restart sim on ground, i will get 80FPS. I'v tested A330 and QW787, only A330 have that issues. Can someone help me to solve that? sim:P3Dv5 My computer: i7-7700K 32GB RAM GTX1080Ti
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