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  1. Ok, so we can expect the 330 to have the same complexity as previous products? normal ops only
  2. Ok so what you are saying is there is a advanced version of this for say training purposes not available to the public, am I correct? Why aren't they available for customers how much is a training-level license?
  3. Hello all Here at Delta Connection we are doing our best to ensure our engines have a safe, long, happy life and we achieve that with reduced thrust. I've looked all over the net and haven't been able to find anything that would allow me to calculate the FLEX temp to use for reduced thrust. I know IRL pilots are given little laptops/tablets with OTP software that usually calculates it for them. Is there a manual way to calculate reduced thrust? or a program that can do it for me?
  4. So the current schedule is A330 first, then the A321/A320, & finally A319, A318? I'm really looking forward only for the A330 and Mathjis stated a 2017 release as a current goal, or was that for the other buses because I'm confused.
  5. Well we need the A330 anyways, the CRJ is too cramped and after 7 year now they want a private A330! What do I do?
  6. You should consider doing a -700 version of this, great work!
  7. Will the update/service pack address the issues with the waypoint distance/time not updating?
  8. The Challenger 870 which is a privatized version of the CRJ-700, would be an excellent addition to our corporate fleet! Would be very grateful if someone painted the CRJ-700 just like this!
    Oh man always wanted a Challenger 870! you should do one like this but with 2 striped of color running along the fuselage, would be perfect!
  9. Yea the quick experimental hotfix by Hans has mostly solved the NAV tracking issues for me, however I am still having problems with the FMS distance NM freezing 16 or sometimes even 100 NM before reaching a waypoint. Hopefully the distance remaining update can be fixed
  10. I'm having the same issue with the AP not tracking the NAV course properly, on top of that it fails to update the distance to the waypoint so it says i'm 100NM from a point when I'm actually 20. Dunno but In my opinion the NAV tracking got worse after this hotfix, hopefully Hans can fix it because it's a great plane!
  11. Don't they use the single-earpiece headset? The only headset that comes to mind with noise suppression are those headsets with a full cushion around both ears used mostly by GA pilots due to the engine being piston powered and the fact it's in front of the pilot, also helps with preventing hearing damage. While flying my PA28 I removed the headset to see how loud it was and I have to say it hurt my ears like hell. They were ringing when I got back the noise level could easily be almost 90-100 decibels which causes major damage. Last time I was in the cockpit of an airliner was an Air France A340 while in flight back in 2008, If memory serves me correctly it was loud mostly due to the wind streamlining against the airframe and also because Airbus systems have very loud avionic cooling systems. However the decibel level in an airliner is nowhere near as bad as general aviation aircraft. Modern airliners have turbofans which are much quieter and are always behind the pilots, only headset I've ever seen in the cockpit is the single-ear piece headset, very similar to the Xbox One basic headset.
  12. I hope my buddy Frank will be with me with the A330, he really helps me a lot walking around the plane doing checks. Him and Otto the autopilot fight a lot over who gets the joystick and I have to play police with them every flight! Jokes aside, I'm assuming AS will keep Frank as the avatar for the A330 or will they use a new one?
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