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  1. Is it me or does the cockpit look different? In the first photos a few years ago the windshield was narrower and more realistic but now I feel like it's bigger.
  2. I'm just glad we're getting a A330 especially the -300 variant.
  3. It's been a while and I'm glad you guys are on the right track with the 330. Does the EFB have internet so can I watch Rick & Morty while flying? Also can I change the FBW control laws on the overhead?
  4. Ok, so we can expect the 330 to have the same complexity as previous products? normal ops only
  5. You should consider doing a -700 version of this, great work!
  6. The Challenger 870 which is a privatized version of the CRJ-700, would be an excellent addition to our corporate fleet! Would be very grateful if someone painted the CRJ-700 just like this!
    Oh man always wanted a Challenger 870! you should do one like this but with 2 striped of color running along the fuselage, would be perfect!
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