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  1. Even with the new update I'm still having issues with N1 jumping anytime the thrust levers are moved.
  2. Can someone make or upload a blank or all white livery? I wish to simulate corporate ops. Thanks!
  3. As long as their servers can hold steady with incoming traffic we should be good. last thing we need is not being able to get it because of a overload!
  4. Is there a way to import flight plans from simbrief to FS2020?
  5. I’m just praying that 16GB of RAM will be enough...
  6. Man I'm telling you guys it's gonna be D-Day for Aerosofts Servers on the 16th.
  7. I just hope Aerosoft upgraded their servers and it won't overload during release.
  8. Do you guys recommend I get the CRJ from the marketplace or from Aerosoft directly?
  9. This thread has so much nuclear reaction we could power the world grid for the next few years!
  10. That's fine with me, one of the fun parts is programming the onboard computer.
  11. Well considering this thread is exploding like a nuclear reaction we must be close to release? I have been waiting for this moment since FS2020 came out!
  12. Either way this plane & AS is basically the Wright Brothers for us FS2020 fliers who want complex aircraft.
  13. Man AS needs to release this aircraft, otherwise I'm staying away from FS2020. Only reason I still got it on my drive is because of this.
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