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  1. i will start from total from dark and cold. someone told i need to turn the EPB on but, where are the EPB?
  2. yes i switch the NAV to ILS
  3. i just have a flight from EKBI/BILLUND DENMAR to ENAL/Ă…LESUND Norway just before the last turn left for final to RW24 i press approach button, BINKO the aircraft follow the diamond down to 1000ft and i kill AP
  4. thx a lot and i realy love this aircraft good job
  5. now i dont see snowflake and green dot
  6. Hey when i go to the approach mode the aircraft dont follow the diamond down, i have the correct CRS and ILS frequencies EX CRS 260 and ILS frequencies 110.70 the aircraft follow the route but not follow the diamond down, what have i do wrong ???
  7. after yellow alarm is gone autopilot works fine
  8. yes i have the same with autopilot 3 blip and nothing happens
  9. When i Press FMS screen they dont popup i have seeing on youtube the screen popup it is some thing i do wrong ?
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