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  1. I don't think it's about making the aircraft faster on our systems. It performs just fine FPS wise. It's the other random things that cause frame drops during any flight that cause these weird issues with this aircraft, and this is something unique to this aircraft.
  2. Exact same problem here. I never had this problem with the 32 bit version it's unique to the pro bus for me. And i've always used high settings with occasional fps drops. Every time I take a screenshot I have a slight pause, which causes the aircraft to oscillate. Changing to Cinematic view on Chaseplane has the same effect. Then after a 3 hour flight yesterday I was descending through around FL240 just sitting in the cockpit when all hell broke loose and the airplane went into a steep climb and was nearing stall speed. After I recovered from the shock we were already back at 30,000 ft I just got fed up and quit. This was in the 321. Honestly it's not good enough to tell people to reduce their settings etc. This plane behaves very strangely for me, not like any of my other aircraft, or the previous versions of it. I will try and post a video sometime along with my settings.
  3. SriLankan Airlines anyone? Should be pretty easy! https://i.imgur.com/4VlmX9u.jpg
  4. Understood. I had only bought the A320/21 package through PC aviator, hence I am only trying to buy the equivalent 64 bit product through them. I don't own the bundle or the A318/19 so that's not a problem. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the reply Tom. I have sent a message to PC aviator, awaiting their response. I tried adding the serial at checkout but it didn't accept it, so I'm hoping they just need to update a few things. @Herman apologies for the miscommunication, what I mean't to say was, is there a way I can still have the discount applied while purchasing through PC aviator.
  6. Thanks for your response Herman, however it doesn't really answer my question. I know I can buy the bus off the Aerosoft store and have the discount applied. The reason I asked about PC Aviator is because I am a long standing customer of theirs and already have automatic discounts applied to most of my purchases, which means I can get the bus for even cheaper through them. I hope you understand. Can you please advise if the discount option will be available soon through PC aviator? As it didn't accept my serial as a coupon code. Cheers
  7. Hi, I am sorry if this has been asked before. But do I have to purchase the A320/21 pro from the Aerosoft website? What if I purchased the 32 bit version from PC aviator? Can I still get the discount applied? Cheers Randy
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