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  1. Hello masterhawk, I tried to find their forum but no luck. Hope you don't mind giving me their link where I can click directly? Much thanks. 😃
  2. Hello masterhawk. Thank you for the tips. However, not everyone know or are an expert. I tried to get ADE Airport Editor to work but it won't. I paid that product and the developer should know better to correct all gates!
  3. Greetings! I just purchased KJFK/KLGA/KTEB today and tested at JFK. Only I find that JetBlue and Delta Airlines is parking at Terminal 8. That is wrong. Terminal 8 is for all American Airlines only. Can anyone please let me know how to correct Airlines to the right Terminal? Thank you.
  4. Hi! Just installed PAFA but there is no building. How to bring it back? A photo is attached. I'm using P3DV4.5
  5. Never mind, I found an update on Simmarket and I got reduced price, thank you!
  6. I purchased FAIRBANKS through Simmarket, how can I update it?
  7. Greetings! I am wondering if you have an update for P3DV4.5 FAIRBANKS, Alaska? Much thanks!
  8. I installed and un-insttaled then re-installed but still not seeing "Aerosoft Professional Airbus" under SimObject/Airplanes. How can I get it to be visible? Because I'd like to add livery. Much thanks.
  9. Hello! Can anyone please let me know how I can remove default jetways at MYNN? Because I now use GSX Expansion. Thanks pilots!
  10. Succeed! Can you do the same for MYNN?
  11. Hello! Can anyone please tell me how can I delete KDAB's default jetways? I now have GSX Expansion where I can add realistic jetways. Thank you kindly, Darrell
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