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  1. Congratulations to the team. Looks excellent and much improved from the P3D version. Great to finally see the first payware higher fidelity aircraft for MSFS. Will be an instant buy for many. @The Dude Excellent tutorials, and all explained very well. Thanks for putting the videos together. I have no issue flying Boeings and Busses efficiently, but the CRJ has quite some uniqueness to it, kind of like a MD-11 that has hybrid characteristics so will be nice to be more proficient in flying this aircraft. Couple questions I havnt seen posted. If it is, my apologies.
  2. It appears its a no go as theres been no comment from 2 weeks ago. Guess we have to switch to Navigraph to get it updated.
  3. Sorry to bring back this old topic. Even though the thread advises "This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one." I decided against it to keep the history. Dont want to be nagging, but would like to know what is happening if anything with simbrief updating. I really dont understand why this is not supported when other countless addons are. If you run through the different threads of late, simbrief is mentioned quite a bit. I used to use PFPX but found updating to accurate aircraft profiles quite cumbersome. Simbrief is my goto fl
  4. There is quite a few who use simbrief. Live streamers often use it. Many others who dont wish to use the complexity of PFPX. Its rather good, and gets the job done. When I want more comprehensive and detailed flightplan I will use PFPX, but for a shorter run I will use simbrief.
  5. Thats great to hear Mathijs. Would be nice to see some open dialogue happen to resolve this. Thank you!
  6. I just had a talk with Simbrief. According to him, it seems Aerosoft has not expressed any interest in Simbrief. Not even any discussions. On the flip side, Navigraph has been eager to always facilitate what is needed to support them. In this case a simple access code to unlock it. Seems to me that it would equate to a good number of potential customers for navdata pro deciding Navigraph instead for that reason. I can tell you for sure that if I had been a little more astute in checking what navdata pro supports or lack thereof, I would have definitly gone to Navigraph again. I use PFPX
  7. Navdatapro is the AIRAC data. Whats not to understand? I just mentioned that I got the whole package of AIRAC data and the charts bundle. Simbrief only supports Navigraph AIRAC updating.
  8. I just bought a years subscription of navdatapro and the charts and it seems I made a mistake because it doesnt support simbrief to my surprise and dismay. Previous threads ask the question and then suddenly locked to further replies with no answer. Is there any particular reason why simbrief is excluded from providing airac data?
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