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  1. Thanks Mathijs, I'll keep an eye on this space. If you guys need any screens of my panel setup or anything like that let me know and I'll get them along ASAP.
  2. Hi there! I just got this plane not long ago and I love it except for one issue I can't seem to shake, and its something I want to nail down pretty quick, if possible. So, having completed the full startup checklist and flipping all the lovely switches, the engine is idling above 800 revs and the generator is pulling a charge, I pull up the radio to contact ATC and the dialog box says "no electrical" hmm, odd. SO I flip the gen switch off and I see the ampere meter jump back up from zero to say 4, the GEN light comes on and suddenly I have radio power again. Then after a while the battery dies and I flip the GEN on again to charge and my radio goes out again saying there's no electrical. Everything else works fine, I'm running a brand spanking new install of P3D4, and the sim starts the aircraft with the engine running, which I promptly flick to C&D, I've set the inverters to on and everything seems kosher with the other systems. I'm really lost as to what could be the issue with the radios, I also notice the artificial horizon went out a couple times in flight too, loss of electricity there? SH427
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