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  1. Good morning, after carrying out several landings, I've noticed that sometimes, when touching down the runway, autobrakes won't work even if the switch is ON...sometimes it works and the a/c brakes normally but there are others that the plane won't brake. Do you know why this is happening?
  2. Im writting again due to the fact that my last answer to the last post was totally unusefull and missunderstood, since the topic was closed I didn't have the chance of answering. The problem that I'm having with the aerosoft a330 is that GSX controll the opening and closing of the aircraft doors and I still want to control the doors manually as I've been doing always with other aerosoft aircrafts. I would like to still having the tipical message of "waiting for your action, close exit 2L" for example. Is there a way of disabling this option with this aircraft? I want to emphasise that is a problem from the aircraft. Gsx is automatically opening and closing the aircrasft doors in catering services for example. In the gsx aircraft setting I configured the catering services doors to operate when I OPEN exit 1, and to stop operating when I close exit 1. When I call for catering services, vehicles go into their position and GSX becomes crazy opening and closing aircraft door 1R and 4R without stoping. Is when i opened exit 1 when the crazy action stops. At times of ending the service the same happened, doors become crazy to open and close (1R and 4R) till I close exit 1. In all this action, I do not get the fashing message of "closing or open exit....x...." how can i fix this please?
  3. Good night, im having such an issue in latinvfr MADRID barajas airport which is that at night no runway lights appear while the taxi lights yes and either the parking area lights which they should be reflecting the aircraft. Does anyone know why is happening?
  4. You're wright, but is there any plan to increase fuel capacity in the aerosoft a330?
  5. Is the any plan to increase the aerosoft a330 max fuel capacity? I've checked in the real characterisitcs and the a/c trully can carry out 97 170 litros.
  6. Hello, im having an issue with The aerosoft a330 when calling catering services for example, gsx decide to open the doors and when the catering is finished gsx close de doors, this is a thing i would like to disable, i would like to keep controlling the a/c doors and having the tipical message of "close door 1L" etc. Is there a option in the a330 or gsx to disable the automatic door control?? thanks so much!
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