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  1. thanks a lot for the detailed feedback.i will wait and buy "your Chania". But I dont see my question as "not nice to put pressure on developers". This is normal for developers that "time versus quality versus price" is always a issue, especially with other competition on the market which steal market shares because they are faster on the market. Only reaction can be to provide higher quality and do some "pre-release-marketing" to keep people aware. And quality will be more and more important for people who pay money for a add-on.
  2. waving flags are nice but I want to fly to Chania. I was waiting because I really like your quality but I really hope that the Airport is for sale really soon and I have not to to use another vendor
  3. hoffe, den Flugplatz bald bestellen zu k├Ânnen. Wie siehts mit LGIR (Heraklion) und Athen aus ?
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