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  1. I had this happen. This is with the current Experimental version I am not stating this to be like hey fix this now. I just wanted to bring it to your attention. When I finally got near the ground the cab alt was at like 27K Feet. My cruise alt was only FL230 for this short hop from EGLL to EHAM.
  2. I do not have a problem with that. I just find it incredibly hard to believe that a cost index of 40 and above (on the 0 to 99 scale) will have an aircraft to climb at max forward airspeed every time. I talk to pilots for my job and most of the time they are at a climb profile of 300 to 270. I find it hard to believe that an aircraft is going to climb out at 340 knots(max forward airspeed) with a cost index of not even half of the scale. I was just testing it at multiple final cruise altitudes in the A321 and with a CI of 0 you get a managed speed of 294 whether your final is 230 or 370, this to me seems very high. No I have not put in any wind in my test.
  3. If the cost index is a value of CI= Ctime/Cfuel. then why is it not a gradual increase in the 0 to 99 cost index stratum? the difference between 0 to 40 is astronomical and 40 to 99 is very small? Shouldn't this be uniform across the board?
  4. The current cost index seems to be way off of how you would expect it to be.There isnt much change throughout different cost indexes. I have attached screenshots in the A321 which I believe it is the same thoughout the other buses. Sorry it was dark in my sim at the time of the screenshots. I believe it starts too high at a cost index of 1. I may be entirely wrong but I figured I would ask the question. Is this correct operations or no?
  5. I recently installed the new non experimental update and the ECAM is working fine.
  6. There is no need to hijack my thread. If you want support post a well thought out post in your own thread. The whole stuff doesn't work does not help in diagnosing the issue. Thank you........
  7. I am not in key-entry mode. I just load the bus up and try to click the ECAM pages. I went into test mode immediately after reinstalling. I understand the logic that if the files are the same they should act the same but it isn't doing that. I have the turn around state as the default
  8. I recently have came upon an issue with the ECAM on the A318 and A319. I cannot select an ECAM page. The checklist is also stuck at ECAM Recall of the Cockpit Preparation Checklist. I have installed the Experimental Version of I am running Prepar3d V4.4. I just uninstalled it and reinstalled, rebooted and then updated to the experimental version with no luck. I am experiencing the same issue. The ECAM does not react at all to pressing a button to change pages. The A320 ECAM buttons are acting perfectly normal. Thanks,
  9. This is more of a request than an actual support question. As the product stands right now when you turn the strobe setting to auto it sends out a simconnect value of strobes on. Could this be adjusted to strobes off and when you select strobes on to send it then. I know that the strobes work when you are airborne and are on auto but when I am on the ground on vatsim and it is on auto my strobes are on due to the simconnect reading to the other pilots. Is there a way to send the simconnect command when the auto mode starts sending the command to have strobes on instead of when the switch is in the auto position? My friends will be like hey your strobes are on and I am like no they aren't but due to the simconnect value vpilot thinks the strobes are on. Thanks, Tim.
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