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  1. Thanks It did work. Again thank you for your promt and kind assistance Best Regards
  2. Hi Otto Thanks for your quick reply. By the way, I clicked on the wrong section before. Misread reply instead of report. 🤦‍♂️ 😖 Appologies Here we have the scenery list. Hope this helps. Regards Rodrigo
  3. Good Morning Gents Wondering if outside of the HOT FIX Zip (with its copy paste to replace files) any other action is required. I'm showing duality of taxi signs in some areas like holding points, afcad and scenery mismatch, a double ILS signal which cause a GPWS on the ILS for RWY01R plus double building in the EAST wing of the terminal with its accompanying items, like light poles. Again thanks. Ver 1.13 with the ORBX NOR P3D V4.4 Regards Rodrigo
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