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  1. Hi Oliver, Just wanted to say thanks for this great add-on which I've enjoyed over the years. I am very sorry to hear that Vistamare has gone by the wayside and keeping you from migrating to FSX:SE. But I know that's not your fault. I'll miss my ASE very much but hope it has brought you success and continues to do so as you dive into P34D. It is a great add-on. @ my fellow simmers: please don't hijack this for an FSX:SE rant. We've been there and done that. This is my heartfelt thanks to Oliver. Please respect that.
  2. Greetings, I own a registered copy of FSC 8.2 and recently learned there is an upgrade to 8.6. However, I was unable to find it in the FAQ and Downloads forum. Did I miss it or has it been posted elsewhere? In any case, how do I get this upgrade? Thanks. Mike Lawrence
  3. I'm running FS9, realism settings all the way to the left at this point. (I started with them mid-range). When I engage approach hover in the SAS, the helicopter tries to hover but simply cannot establish a stable hover. It basically moves around in a circle wint increasing radius. I've started straight from the deck and in mid-aer at <KIAS. She basically chases the hover and gets worse and worse as it goes. SAS 1 and 2 are both on. -MJL
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