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  1. Unfortunate but you get that. I thought twotters were only supposed to go fuzzy AFTER the office Christmas party but it is what it is :)
  2. mmm .... if we take the internal fuel as around 370 gallons (I think?), 9 x 45 gives another 400 gallons in drums ... so if we really want to do ferry flights, even if there isn't a mod, we could run the tanks more or less dry then slide them back up to 100% from the weight and balance menu and call it fuel being pumped in from the drums ... we could even get flash with the payload to reflect the TOW of 400 gallons of fuel, and remove that when we refill ... well it sounds like it would work
  3. Some people have too much space in their houses. It's kinda tempting to pick up the p3D twotter extended to pass the time while we wait, but yeah nah, I'll wait ... impatiently, but I'll wait, and I'll even make it sound like it's my choice LOL
  4. Did he say which August ? He didn't say which Christmas Eve ...
  5. Not when they have similar roles no. It makes far more sense to release things at the start of the week so your support team have some weekdays to fix anything gamebreaking and the youtubers have 3-4 days to get it onto people's screens going into the weekend before Christmas, and I really hope I'm wrong about it, but ... 17th of December !
  6. lol been there done that, bought the CRJ on release, got so freaked out about how complex it was based on those videos that I literally only flew it once until a couple of months ago. Now my startup is simbrief, batteries, APU, INS to nav, tablet, FMC, hydraulic pumps , push and start, quick scan of the panels for packs probes etc, go. Cold and dark to taxi in under 10 minutes and it's becoming one of my favourite planes. Some people are right into spending 40 minutes running through checklists setting the plane up (I used to be one of them), I just like to get in the air and fly (in fairness old sims were more about accurate flight and systems models than scenery). I presume the twotter will be similarly complex if you want it to be, or be fine if you just want to grip it and rip it, and it flies slow and low enough that it really encourages you to get in the air as fast as you can to enjoy the view. Can't wait to find out !
  7. Most of us will but hush, we must not speak of other devs or their addons in this place. 😉
  8. I'm picking 17 December for release. Mathijs teased it being not long before Christmas, and 17 December (1903 if you need to google it) is kind of an important date for aviation. More than happy to be proven wrong though, credit card locked and loaded and holding short ... :-)
  9. Ah, gotcha. Could you do it without coupled VNAV following the snowflake and the blue dot on the PFD ? I must try that this evening ! Cheers !
  10. Puuhbear I got the impression it's more about having equipment that will tell you when it's not where it should be - the RNP specs say it has to be on point 95% of the time AND it has to tell you when it's not. RNAV doesn't have that requirement, so I presume RNP is used to basically poke aircraft through smaller holes where early corrections if it's not 100% are important. Crabby thanks for the tip about curved segments, that explains a whole lot about why mine was doing what it did. But I still don't see why (in the sim, and if the RNP approach has no curved segments) the CRJ can't follow a vertical profile. The RNP rules seem to be more about better reporting than greater accuracy, I couldn't see anything about you must be able to go up and down faster ?
  11. I wouldn't normally have considered Antarctica (or any other scenery tbh) but I love the sort of flying that the twotter is made for, so if it came as a bundle with some good scenery at even a modest discount I'd be tempted.
  12. I was wondering what was so different about RNP approaches to warrant this warning in the pinned topic - "The best advice is to use current charts, and if you see a particular approach marked RNP then “proceed with caution”. Either avoid selecting the approach in the sim, or if you do load it, be aware that the aircraft will likely not fly it correctly. It may track the horizontal profile - but it definitely will not automatically descend on the vertical profile the way an RNP-capable aircraft will." I have tried RNP approaches in the CRJ before realising that they were a problem, in fact that's what started me looking at this, and what's described there is exactly what happened. So I looked at the difference between RNAV and RNP and as far as my civilian brain can tell it comes down to RNP is RNAV with higher accuracy requirements. I can't work out how "you need more accurate gps gear" translates into "sorry eh, not gonna fly that vertical profile", obviously I'm not getting something, can anyone it sum it up ? Cheers
  13. Sorted. Here's the flight plan I used : After importing it into the CRJ I chose the ELRU2A star into NZQN, with the RNAVZ approach to rwy 05, took out the discon and duplicate that this created, and there we have it. If I choose the IBABU transition I get the extra line, if I choose VECTORS it works as intended. And the difference is that nice sweeping curve that makes this into an RNP approach - which the number 1 pinned post in this forum says the CRJ is not equipped to do, weirdness will happen if you try. Told you, pilot error
  14. Thanks for that, I can stop wondering what I've done wrong I've used that downloaded (simbrief) flight plan a few times and this pops up every time, I'll try entering the route manually and see if it does it then too. Cheers
  15. Jonas, I think the original question (which people have been asking for quite a while across different versions of the CRJ) is this : On the real CRJ, the information shown in the VNAV window on the MFD includes the vertical speed required to hit the next altitude restraint, e.g. -1700 in the photo of a real CRJ. In the VNAV window on the MFD in 'our' CRJ this is missing as per the screenshot I just took during a descent using advisory VNAV, all we get is the snowflake next to the altimeter strip showing the descent path and the blue dot on the VSI showing the target vertical speed (approx -1000 fpm in this case). The target vertical speed is shown in the FMC, how do we make it appear here like it does in the real plane ? Querer, the short answer seems to be that you can't, follow the snowflake like it's a glideslope and watch the blue dot on the VSI for an idea of the descent rate you need. Interesting, and credit where it's due : the photo was pinched from the first post in this thread from 5 months ago asking the exact same thing, my link is to a reply from Matthew2312 talking about why the PFD indicators (snowflake and blue dot) don't always match the MFD indicator (target rate as a number) and why the snowflake is generally better to use.
  16. So, this extra line on the map display ... It doesn't appear at low zoom levels, it moves with me as I move along the track, I don't have a 2nd flight plan loaded, the alternate airport is the other side of the destination, and there's nothing odd going on in the flight plan as far as I can see. It looks almost as though the display is trying to show two maps at once. I'll fully accept it's pilot error, but I can't think what I might have done 😕 Can anyone who knows what they're doing with this tell me what I did ? :) Cheers
  17. I can't wait :-D I'm struggling trying to get across a small range of hills doing an FSEconomy job in a C172 at the moment because I couldn't see anything out of the Seneca I was in before and this was the only other plane available at that airport that I have in my sim - but there was a twotter parked there !
  18. Oh look, the CRJ expansion is in the store now, and Simple Traffic has been released to content creators and will be in the store in 2 days ... (well ok probably 3 days, we're 12 hours ahead of Europe but it's 20 minutes into Saturday here and the facebook post said Monday !! :-D ) I'm just gonna leave that thought there ... 😉
  19. Ok I've installed it, once I got past all the advertising it detected MSFS and said the CRJ is available but not installed. It detected P3D and the P3D A320 family (which it said it didn't support) and it didn't find my P3D A330. There doesn't seem to be any way to add existing addons that it hasn't detected so I guess I need to download the CRJ yet again to use it and use the ASUpdater for the P3D planes. Aah, no. From my point of view - I literally only want something that will reliably update the CRJ if it's not in the community folder - it seems like far more trouble than it's worth. Much easier and much less advertising just to uninstall / download / install a new CRJ then move it out of the community folder when there are updates.
  20. I looked at it but not for long, with that huge list of things it supports it seemed overkill for just updating a couple of Aerosoft planes, a bit like downloading a complete windows install just to get a couple of fonts. Give it a try you think ? Cheers
  21. I did search, but I haven't seen this particular thing raised. I moved the CRJ to a new location when I started using the addons linker. I just thought about updates for the first time so tried to run the ASUpdater which failed, when I looked the folder where it should have been was more or less empty. So I uninstalled the CRJ, downloaded and installed it again, moved it from the community folder to my addons library folder, then ran the ASUpdater which works now and reports the CRJ is up to date and in my community folder. Umm, nope. Is there a way I can tell the updater where the CRJ actually is ? I'm a bit concerned that if I update it now I'll get a new CRJ folder in the community folder and have to merge it manually with the real CRJ folder which isn't a problem, but 'replace existing files' won't help with files that are supposed to get deleted not replaced. Thanks
  22. Aerosoft sim pilots generally could represent their countries in "getting hyped" at the Olympics, the buzz in the preview forum for the P3D CRJ was majesti- err huge, and it was brilliantly fuelled by hints from Hans and the banter between Hans and Mathijs and the beta testers . I hesitate to say waiting for the P3D CRJ was more fun than flying it, but it certainly wasn't less fun.
  23. Hi Mathijs This isn't a 'when can we have it' post, it'll be here when it's ready, no problem with that. It's just been announced that one of the things the Kodiak is waiting for is SU7 because of things that update will change, given that this is (seems like) a similarly complex turboprop is SU7 one of the boxes to be ticked before we get the Twotter ? Thanks
  24. Oh lordy, here we go with the questions about upgrade prices
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