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  1. Absolutely leave it in. It's like weathering, it makes the plane even more real. In the "Things the Beta Team Wanted You to Know" section of the manual for a DC6 I spend a lot of time in there's an entire paragraph about "Some Gauges and Placards are Correct in Being Incorrect" about gauge faces that aren't all the same, spelling mistakes on placards, and lights not being the colour their switch labels say, because that's the way the reference aircraft is. If it's good enough for that dev then it's good enough for anybody !
  2. I want to exit the A464 airway there. I may have found the answer a few minutes ago in a post from around April on the Navigraph forum - I had to do a manual download of the airac for the CRJ, that installer had the option of installing into MSFS, so I did that and the CRJ now knows about SCOTT. I can't see that anything looks even slightly different on the FMS status pages, the navdata still shows the same validity dates but the CRJ airac has definitely changed because it knows about SCOTT now - it must pick the data validity dates from the sim files rather than its own files, traps for young players ...
  3. This is probably a noob question but I only signed up for Navigraph Charts yesterday and I'm still figuring it out. I'm trying to set up an arrival at YBCG approaching from the Tasman and using the SCOTT intersection. The current airac is 2110.1 Little Navmap and Charts are running on a different PC to the sim (msfs from steam, crj from aerosoft). The FMS Data Manager says Little Navmap is using 2110.1, I presume Charts always uses the latest data, and they can both see SCOTT. On the sim PC, the Navigraph Navdata Centre shows 2110.1 and shows the CRJ as an addon package, but the CRJ has never heard of SCOTT. Is there something else I need to update ? Thanks !
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