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  1. Tried the second patch and all is fine for me now. Cheers and thanks for a great airport! Tony
  2. Hi Gerard, not that it's my place to answer for Aerosoft but Amsterdam already has two (as far as I know) pretty good renditions of Schiphol...one freeware (NL2000 group), the other, payware from a very well known publisher :wink: Unless, of course, you are talking about FSX! Cheers! Tony
  3. I forgot to mention that I am also using Ultimate Traffic and that the crashes occur with any aircraft, not just the complex add-ons we all have and love. Cheers! Tony
  4. I'd like to add my two bits to this topic. First time I installed AS_Heathrow I actually did a flight from EDDF to EGLL. Level-D, ActiveSky, GEPro, RC4.No trouble at all except for stuttering and textures taking forever to load as I was on VERY short finals. This was with the hi-res textures installed. Next time I tried, I got the crash. I tried re-booting etc but still kept getting the error. I always begin with the default flight then switch aircraft and move to my departure airfield. I un-installed and reinstalled the scenery (with low textures this time and after having gotten rid of anything remotely not bog-basic EGLL -such as Gary's Heathrow Pro which I had been using for MANY years- and any afcads I could find). No joy. The interesting part begins now, however. With AS_Heathrow installed I cannot even get INTO FS9! When I delete it, FS9 starts fine. Also...when AS_Heathrow is installed I cannot access the Add/Remove option from the control panel to uninstall. I manually delete it then, presto, Add/Remove works just fine. As Alice would say..."curioser and curioser..." Hope this is some more info Oliver can use! Cheers! Tony P.S. Computer specs: ASUS P5WD2-E Premium mobo Intel Duo 940 (3.0GHz) 2GB ram (Kingston) Asus X1600 radeon Pro (512MB) Creative Audigy 2 soundcard 3 hard drives CF Yoke All software is up to date, latest drivers, etc etc. FS9.1 /Win XP Home SP2
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