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  1. Just an FYI - I got mine in German also. Didn't really bother me, but looks like there's a hiccup somewhere My invoice came August 17th, about 12 hours after I got the confirmation of my order (in English) ordered from the "Aerosoft US Shop". If you need any more details to help figure this out, let me know, happy to provide whatever you'd need.
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    An FYI - anyone interested in a RW female captain, US/English voice set, (albeit her RW is on E-175s), my daughter is going to be recording a set soon as she is not flying. I've always wanted to "fly" with her Once it's created I will be uploading it, can't give a timeline right now though.
  3. I may be WAY off base here, since I'm out-of-town and no access to FS/P3D so haven't even managed to buy/install yet (and I used GSX anyway!!) but I recall the previous version you entered the details in the scratchpad and used the keys to assign to the appropriate items...
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