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  1. Dear Mr. Kok, thanks for your answer, sorry I'm bit late with my response (hollydays). I am shure there must be a solution. As the COM 1 issue came only with the last update. And the fact that voice is only audible when you switch COM 1 to off does not seem to be a problem of MSFS.... For me the issue is not a problem, as I know the way to fix it for other aircrafts. I only wanted to help other users. The CRJ is my favorite aircraft. For me it is perfect and it is much better than the P3D version was. The graphics and performance are incredibly good. Sincerly, Ebi Rordorf
  2. If you pull aout the COM 1 botten you hear the voice in the CRJ. So this button is wrong programmed: pulling out should stop the sound, pushing should activate it. For the first look: no problem, just do it the other way..... BUT the bad thing is that this issue takes affects all the other planes in the sim! You just hear your one voice, but no sound from the controllers. This is really mean. And It took me a long time to get rid of this issue. To solve it, load an aircraft with "hard" COM 1 and COM 2 buttens. I usually take the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan. On a big airport you tune to ATIS to get a long chatter. Then you activate COM 2 (plus it's MIC butten). And you select on the ATC display the COM 2 section. Then you have back the sound of the ATIS (hurra!!!!). But now do not forget to restart MSFS 2020 to get the reward of your work. Wehen you restart MSFS on any aircraft COM 1 will be selected and working. Dear Mr. Kok, wouldn't it be time now to make a tiny little update to get rid of this issue? What do people who did not discover my trick? Some did reinstall the whole sim!
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