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  1. Uninstall the old version first, or can we install new over old?
  2. Yes, fighting crime and helping to keep people safe is soooo annoying. Perhaps you complain when Mercy Air or LA County Fire or LA City Fire fly over too?
  3. Mathijs, Any word on the price point (USD)? Mark
  4. The bus will jack-knife depending on how much the driver had to drink. I think this is automated for now, but Oliver is working on a shot glass counter to adjust the amount the driver has had to drink. Kidding... I haven't seen this, though I don't have Linz installed.
  5. Where can I get Austria Professional 2004? It's not up on the Aerosoft website. Or is this compatible with Holger Sandmann's mesh?
  6. OK, I have no idea how those ever got deleted from the modules folder but now AES works.
  7. OK, found a problem. I installed AES into a separate folder to compare it to my FS9 folder. There are 2 items missing in my FS9\Modules folder, they are ViMaIScn.DLL and ViMaCore2004.DLL. Could this be causing the problem?
  8. I was explaining the symptoms related to this... since AES is not working, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+W brings up a new window showing my plane or AI... I've done the list you've made several times, even before you made the list and still nothing. Again, it's like AES doesn't know FS9 is started or something along those lines. There are no jetways, and no docking systems at ANY AES enabled airport.
  9. I've tried opening the AES window in FS9 but all it does it open a new window with a random AI traffic in spot view. I'm thinking whatever module that allows AES to talk with FS9 isn't doing it. If you like I can email you my AES folder and the module as well as the VistaMare module.
  10. Oliver, I'm starting at ACES installed airports, and still nothing. Ultimately, at this point, I'd like to re-install AES and start from scratch, however I don't want to loose the bought codes that I have (20 credits total, 12 used). I've looked in the manual but nothing mentions uninstall or re installing AES. Can I just reinstall over AES and keep my credits an installed airports?
  11. Well, no more double entries, thank you for that, however it didn't fix AES not connecting to FS9. I've restarted my machine, still nothing. the FS9 scenery.cfg file has one entry for AES and it's at the top. AES hasn't put out any warning when I start it.
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