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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. Hi everybody , I want to take a LTFJ / SAW departure airport for plan. Turkey, Istanbul has a +3 gmt but PFPX give to +2 time zone. Turkey do not use the sunlight saving time . How can i solve this problem . Thank you.
  2. Many tanks Stephen for link. My problem solved at that moment . I deleted old version Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables after i installed 2017 version.
  3. I have been using PFPX for two years . Now a days i did not add new aircraft ( add new aircraft or add new aircraft from template ) I pushed add new aircraft ( add new aircraft or add new aircraft from template ) then i filled the airplane specification and i pushed the save button from aircraft editor. But did not happen any think I tried to 1,28 and hot fix upgrade but all of them , I have not been adding How can i solve this problem ? Thank you
  4. Thank you Stephen ; Thats bad news maybe one day , they publish update inclouding to fslabs template
  5. Hi everyone , I am flying Pegasus virtual airlines and i a flight dispatcher from PGSVA . How can i add our company and how can i use this mod ? Thank you
  6. Hi everyone ; I am newbee on this forum and pfpx. My english isnt good ( sory ) I want to add fslabs 320 but i did not find '' add new aircraft from template '' colum. How can i add fslabs a320 airplane to pfpx
  7. Hi Everybody i am newbie on forum could you help me how can i use airline section on pfpx ? I am so sory i dont now english very well thank you
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