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  1. Reinstalling FBW A32NX solved this problem for unknown reason.
  2. Error window pop-ups three times (same error message) after clicking OK for third time MSFS freezes.
  3. Just installed EBBR and to my suprise while MSFS was loading I got 3 error popup windows regarding Aerosoft VDGS. After clicking OK MSFS stopped loading and become unresponsive. Uninstalled EBBR with all of it's dependecies and everything works fine. Any ideas why?
  4. I just have a simple thought. Why start new project, when old (CRJ) is in need of fixing? So Twin Otter is out, why not put devs at working on CRJ for let’s say 2 months and making it great, instead of chasing new project? For starters You could add to free downloads what @Mugz created.
  5. Hello, Just quick question about when next update will be released? I would highly appeciate rolling updates more often. HUD is broken for almost 2 weeks now, so are some sounds in cockpit and there are more smaller issues around this plane that weren’t fixed yet.
  6. Could someone fix Web page layout? It’s broken on ipads. Thumbnails of pictures in product pages obscure tabs for general info, system requirements and good luck with hitting play button.
  7. On departure from EPMO my CRJ steered to the left, and on arrival at EPKK during taxi I had to constantly put left rudder. I would love to have monthly updates, even if it means beta versions of them.
  8. Same as @Moridin crashes upon entering of alternate FL, and I had second crash this time probably random while outside of cockpit. This crashes were first my crashes since release of ver.
  9. I know, and I did that. There are still 3 airports that I must download installer file. Those airports are listed in additional dowloads section instead of available downloads list.
  10. For instance Aerosoft Airport Sandnessjøen-Stokka and all RCStudio addons. BTW don't know why but today installing La Palma update takes forever with transfer speeds around 200KB/s.
  11. SU5 did not only break game but SDK too. Until SDK is fixed we probably won’t see any new stuff released. On top of that as @pchitkara said it’s vacation time, most of us is recharging batteries be the water or in mountains and we will be back at work around 7th of september.
  12. Ok, I found what causes this, REX Global Airport Textures. After uninstalling it everything is back to normal.
  13. Just checked, default planes suffer from the same issue.
  14. Hello, I haven't flown CRJ for a while (3 weeks) and today I see some strange things going on with my contrails. Any idea why? and how to fix it?
  15. PMDG releases DC-6 on friday, so I don’t have high hopes for Brussels this week.
  16. Fly Tampa is making one, don't think that someone else will cover it after them.
  17. I have similar problem, before SU4, and still have. If I take off from EDDM it’s fine, if I try to land on 26 left or right - CTD.
  18. ASU says that I should download new installer from website, but in my instant downloads I have only ver 1.0
  19. Don't know if it's true. ORBX updates are usually 2 weeks earlier on their platform than in Marketplace, same goes for everything that is sold via Contrail app. That is why I have bought like 3 out of 50 addons I have through Marketplace.
  20. I wouldn’t count on that, there is some kind of agreement that CRJ on marketplace and from AS will be updated at the same time. Game updates on tuesdays and thursdays so now U know when to expect an update.
  21. I have the same issue, straight leg, 15knots crosswind and plane just sways left and right, even with 1/2 bank on it turnus with 20deg bank angle. FBW320 was swaying left and right for some time, but it never had any problems flying in a straight line in crosswing. I cannot believe it never was tested before release.
  22. I hope that we will get significant update for this airport, don't mind if it will take aditional 6GB of disc space to look good. After seeing what NZA Simulations did with Hobart we should expect more from 20+ Euro addon.
  23. I believe that ENVA got new lighting in recent update, so EDDK should also get it.
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