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  1. Hello, For the next update of the Crj-it would be possible to correct the problems of stars and sid because when you enter a sid or a star and at the last moment you have to change it you lose the route in the fmc and it is rather annoying to have to retype everything . True Glass avec real light ? this years ? :D outside livery 4096 ? fun ! Loïc .
  2. Hello, It is possible to import a PFPX flight plan in the CRJ? can I take the Airbus aerosoft flight flight plan? but how to import for the fmc? I had the chance to make a jumpseat on a CRJ 1000 HOP! and I know that in the FMC they have the routes of the connections that it makes already integrated in the FMC it is possible with the CRJ 700/900 X? Thank you for your reply .
  3. Hello, you consider for 2019 a CRJ 1000? it would be really good ... because it would be a shame not to do it ... it just miss this model .. Thx =)
  4. Hi Hans, can you make a brief of the news in SP1?
  5. hello all my drivers are someday i even try to reinstall Reallight at the level of my config sli 1080 gtx 8gb ddr5 7770k 4.5ghz maximus extrem rog 32 GB of RAM ssd 1to I do not think it comes from my config.
  6. Hello, it does not change anything for me .. I reinstall the exe and the client ... always the same problem ..
  7. hello, I do not understand the release date of 318 319 when? June 26 or July 12?
  8. hello, on the next update have you fix the problem of yoke moving in all directions in flight?
  9. Frank, Thank you for your answer, I took the example on PMDG because they have a good weather radar, but Aerosoft with the 320 has a good radar that works well so I do not criticize in any way the CRJ achant that I love it. But alos if I had to make a basic adjustment, the gain I will have to put it in -1 or +1? see more ... ? Sincerely.
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