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  1. Okay, right yeah could be its not urgent so its fine for now Thanks for the answer!
  2. Hi, as you can see from these images the NAV lights and strobe lights are hardly visible. I can see the strobe light but its way too dim and i cant see the nav lights at all actually. I am using default shaders and latest A330 version
  3. No problem, hope this will be fixed in the next update! 🙂
  4. Hi there, loving the new A330 so far its amazing. But i seem to have a issue when fueling with gsx. I request the gsx fueling truck as normal and go in to the LOAD/FUEL menu on the MCDU and put in 35 tons. The refueling starts as normal and gsx fuels the plane perfectly to 35 tons. But when refuelling is done the REFUELG message still shows on the ECAM and gsx disconnects the truck. And i continiued my flight just to see if it whould stop fuelling when airborne and nope it is constantly trying to refuel the plane and it stays on 35tons throughout the whole flight. I am using the newest version of GSX and the A330.
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