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  1. Ok it was again my fault... I made some criticism... Take a look to other forums or communities. They all say that aerosoft lost it's quality and the way of dealing with criticism is a shame! But hey you can still delete my comment or bann me or what ever. The main fact for you is : it is brilliant and a masterpiece! CC ready Nothing against gayaSim. Maybe the will impress me, but at this stage the version of IDS was better in my opinion. I am not here to hesitate someone or something, I just want so say my opinion! I also can say that I am really impressed by your A330 or Johannesburg or Tegel , because I really love the work they did. But in this case I am a little bit disappointed. It is the same thing which I told you before: airports made by simwings. I think EGLL and Malaga are also not that good especially when I compare it with airports made by Fly*** or Flightb***. And again this is my opinion (or not only my opinion! but to know other opinions, you have to leave the Aerosoftworld- but this is impossible, I know ) And now back to topic: CC Ready in 2020!
  2. I am the only one who thinks that the previous version was looking better ?
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