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  1. Very true. Fingers tend to leave grease and fingerprints behind. Especially hard to avoid at hot days as this week. If my smartphone has taught me one thing, than that I want my screens to stay clear. Also a mouse cursor is much more precise than my big fat fingers. So far a separate touchscreen could be a superior replacement for my keyboard, but nothing else.
  2. Sie sehr vielversprechen aus! Ich finde es großartig das ihr vom Flightport euch dem Rhein-Main-Neckar Raum angenommen habt.
  3. Swapping the positions of both VFR Germany entries only changes the positon of the border stripe. Either it's on the VFRG3 or 1 side. Maybe this happen because I installed VFGR Germany West 2010 first and VFR G3 some months later?
  4. I really like the idea to have a wear and maintenance feature in the update. Gives you a reward for flying the aircraft properly.
  5. I also habe VFR Germany West 2010 and the old South. There is a ca. 1km wide stripe without autogen along the scenery borders, but the textures match perfectly. Without the autogen problem I couldn't tell the boarder between both sceneries.
  6. That's exactly what I said, please read my post again. And that's why the RoF business model won't necessarily work here. Maybe it will work for them, but there is no guarantee that MS will sell enough of their DLC to support a development team once the first hype has cooled down. Especially since they apparently cut any third party support.
  7. However unlike RoF MS Flight isn't targeted at enthusiasts but the mainstream market. People that often buy new games and play them for a few months before moving on to something newer.
  8. Hopefully Flight will help to reestablish flight simming in the mainstream game market, or at least bring some fresh blood into the hobby in coming years. We will still have Prepar3D, X-Plane and of course good old FSX for us more serious simmers.
  9. I had the same problem (WIN7 64bit), but I just had to reboot the PC to get it working.
  10. Frohes neues Jahr alle zusammen und vielen Dank an Aerosoft für das nette Geschenk!
  11. mk83

    Hardware poll

    I made the same observation. I never used PCs as long as in the last few years. I guess there are several reasons. Developers had to adapt to multicore processors, the dominance of the consoles with outdated hardware in the mainstream gaming market and the age of most flight sim engines. Seems to be too expensive to develop something from scratch today.
  12. Irgendwann geht alles gute mal zuende. Da erwarte ich eher eine Xplane 10 Version. Bis die neue MAF Version irgendwann 2012 fertig ist das schon auf dem Markt, eventuell dann auch schon MS Flight und zu viele Simulatoren zu unterstützen lohnt sich dann auch nicht.
  13. mk83

    Hardware poll

    My System: I5-2500K (3,3 GHz), 8 GB RAM DDR3-1600, P8P67 mainborad, Radeon HD 6950 with 2 GB, on board sound 60 GB SSD + 1 TB HD (7200 rpm)
  14. There is also already a nice freeware version available at Avsim.com: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=leal2010.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search
  15. You should give it a chance, this are honest WIP shots from a simulator that is not even being beta tested. The progress documented by such screenshots over the year is very steep. Terrain does not (yet)look that good, but default scenery in FSX does neither. Lighting however seems excellent. There're some more screenshots in higher res collected here: http://fooblog.mexxoft.com/sow-screenshots-02-juli-2010/ From what was made public this engine, developed for the planned "Storm of War" series of combat flight sims, seems to be ideal as a base for a project like yours: -The engine was developed for flightsims, not ego shooters or something else -thus weather engine, flight physics, damage modeling already included -designed to be easily expandable by 3rd party, just like MSFS -Dx9, 10 and 11 -round earth model, can depict global scenery
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