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  1. https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-mega-airport-frankfurt-v2-fs2004.phtml It says Windows 7,8,10. All recommendations were to install outside the default location. So the installers for this weren't made for that option? Even though it has a browse to a different folder option? I'm not arguing for the sake of arguing Otto. Only that the installers refuse to find FS2004 if its outside the default x86 folder. I'm guessing it will do the same for FSX/P3D AND the new MSFS and the installers wont find them either?
  2. So the real question, can it be installed if the sim of choice is outside the default location?
  3. Sorry, not nonsense at al. Mathijs says the installers are made to ONLY install in the x86 default location. Despite EVERY recommendation of every simulator into W10 to install OUTSIDE that folder. So some strange reasoning. The aerosoft installer - despite having a browse option to find FS9 in another folder - simply doesn't find it. You also said it was made to only find the default location. Despite it being recommended to install OUTSIDE the default location on W7 and W10. My previous installation for W7 was NOT in the default location yet ot found FS9 ok. Very strange. Ma
  4. Ah no, i'm not. New add-ons have been released for FS9 - FS2004 - or whatever you like to call it. And I indeed have the correct version for FS2004.
  5. Yes I also followed the VERY recommended guides by NOT installing it in the default x86 location. Which means the installer has been developed incorrectly to not follow recommended install locations.
  6. It is? Despite new add-ons being developed for it? And it STILL does most things better then all current sims including a working autopilot on default aircraft? Sorry that I didn't stay 'current' using 'modern' sims like the only 15-year old FSX. So if 'doesn't get what it wants', why make in installer to browse the PC for other locations?
  7. The install was moved from the old HDD. I used the flight1 registry as well. Other add-ons, payware or freeware, have no issues finding it. Not sure why this one can’t.
  8. This is FS2004 on a new install with Windows 10. My install is outside the x86 folder. And when I browse to my folder location, D:\FS2004, it can't find it Any help greatly appreciated as I love this scenery!
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