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  1. Thanks for confirming. Have a good day.
  2. Hello, I have a new PC without FSX now. Only P3Dv4.5 HF2 I have previously purchased Madeira X from Simmarket (with v1.2 update). Is it good for P3Dv4.5 HF2? Or, do I have to purchase what I see as Madiera X Evolution?
  3. Philippe, Thanks for the reply. I wondered if a wrong engine type was just a typo or the wrong engine was actually modeled/used in the software? A reply on the iFly forum also mentioned, as you did, that it was but a slight difference. Unknown reason for theengine type switch.
  4. Stephen, TOPCAT profiles had Pax=299 already in the correct format. I opened each of the PFPX Airccraft Templates (iFly747-400) . txt files (18 in all) into Notepad and saved again. Did a quick test and no error. Looks like a great fix! Thanks, much appreciated. Later I went to the TOPCAT folder and re-saved the 6 iFly747 files also ... just to be safe.
  5. Stephen, Thanks for the reply. Initially tried to get the iFLY 747-400 PFPX/TOPCAT templates from the Flight One library: http://library.flight1.net/?cat=38 But the file was not there (not found). So I posted on the iFly Fly747 P3D forum and was then sent download link for the profiles. I then added the profiles to TOPCAT and PFPX. I assumed the templates were previously tested (Ok, good to go). Also, I initially posted the problem(s) on the iFly747 P3D forum: http://ifly.flight1.net/forums/747400-pfpx-topcat_topic17185.html I was told to p
  6. Hello, I have PFPXv2.03 , TOPCAT v2.74 and 1 year subscription. I have an error when : Adding an aircraft iFly747-400 into PFPX when using Add aircraft from template throws an error (see attached video). Encountered an improper argument. https://youtu.be/O47jDHpIG0A Note: I previously sent a ticket to FlightSimSoft but no reply.
  7. Hello, TOPCAT v2.74 PFPX v2.03 Engine type question. In TOPCAT the engine type is P4056 (screenshot). In PFPX the engine type is P4056-P3 (screenshot). Why is it not the same engine type in both TOPCAT and PFPX?
  8. Currently I fly the level-D 763 into KJFK (default MSFSX scenery) on VATSIM flights. True, it really is bad on FPS if your sliders are too far right in FX. Adjusting the sliders in FX a little to the left gives better FPS. So, it is somewhat adjustable. My computer is a 2 year old Dell 8400.
  9. Two jpg's of the lead-in lights at KJFK
  10. KJFK has some nice "lead in" lights (strobes) for landing the 13L and 13R. The lead in lights make for a great visual addition when landing the 13's at night. The approach is called the Canarsie approach at KJFK. Aerosoft did a great job of the "lead in" lights with the Wonderful Madeira (LPMA) airport scenery. It would be nice to have KJFK with the "lead in" lights scenery for MSFSX! See here for video of KJFK approaches to the 13's with the lead in lights: KJFK Cararsie "lead in lights" for the Runway 13 approach. Two videos to watch. Night approach, clear skies: Ni
  11. Ok, Thanks for the follow up information. Have a g'day
  12. I am now registered in this Aerosoft forum. It works good. I purchased Wonderful Madeira scenery on line from SimMarket. I installed it and it works great! Do I now have to "register" with Aerosoft for my screnery purchase or am I already registered for support because I purchased it On-Line. If I have to register do I use the same password that I use for this forum or a different password? I assume the process will be the same for all products I purchase from Aerosoft in the future Best Regards, Vaughan Martell
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