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  1. If autopilot is off, I don't think anything will be maintained. With AP off, I think the FD is only to help guide you to fly manually.
  2. I found the link: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/en/home Ticket now submitted.
  3. I did not. I thought they were scanning this forum for potential bugs. What's the link to submit one?
  4. Ok so they are intended to only stop an engine during startup while a start button is illuminated?
  5. The engine stop buttons don't seem to do anything. I have to move the throttles to shutoff to initiate stopping of the engines.
  6. It seems the ETAs on the map are wrong, but the ETAs on the MFD Data screen are correct, when compared to the clock. The clock time. (I took this screenshot while in pause and it ran a couple minutes past the actual time I took these.) These look correct: These do not:
  7. This must be related to the similar problem reported in the Systems forum. It seems if you don't select the Origin before selecting the Destination in the FMS, the problem happens and is reproducible.
  8. When following this non-standard sequence in the CDU, all instrument displays freeze: I did a ready for taxi startup. On the CDU I clicked FPLN. Entered KGCN as the destination airport. Then clicked to the DEP/ARR page. I clicked on ILS03. At that instant all instruments froze and it's non-recoverable. Happens 100% of the time with this sequence.
  9. Ok. In the second case I just reported today, it's a different type of instrument display freeze, but I can reproduce it. I will submit a separate post for it.
  10. I've just experienced this again now, but slightly differently. The cockpit looks normal (no people in the cockpit), but most controls are not doing anything. It happened this time after I popped out my PFD and MFD into windows by holding down the right Alt key and clicking on them. I moved the popout windows to my other monitor, then clicked back on my main window and noticed the issue. Dials turn and buttons move, but nothing really happens. Eg. rotating the Alt knob is not changing the altitude in the PFD. Joystick throttle is not moving the levers on screen anymore. But I can move the thro
  11. Please add a soft click sound for feedback when making selections on the EFB to give confidence that a click was received, especially for clicking Save options or transferring data to the FMS.
  12. Hey you're right, it loaded as the secondary flight plan! I was able to then click ACTIVATE, and then EXEC to move it to primary. Is that how it's supposed to load, into secondary?
  13. I use both showcase and fixed external cameras at times. I just tried to reproduce the problem by jumping from external fixed views back to VC and the problem does not happen. I tried jumping around from many different external views to VC, and it's ok. I'm guessing there must have been something else going on at the time it happened.
  14. Whether I try using a route I saved earlier in the FMS or a route exported from Simbrief, the FMS says route loaded when I select the route, but the legs page is empty and page 2 of FPLN is also empty and no star or sid is loaded. Attached is a sample route I tried loading. KSLCKTUS.flp
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