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  1. layth23

    Repaint request

    Hi, any idea if this is going to be re-uploaded? Thanks
  2. And hopefully an A380!! Now back to the A330
  3. The official line on it, I believe, is that the aircraft is still in Alpha but is moving at a swift pace.
  4. This is also an A330-300 with RR engines, G-VNYC to be brake fans.
  5. I stand corrected, thanks for the clarification Frank.
  6. I was more insinuating that they would be the people to ask regarding the quality of the sound pack rather than asking here.
  7. But who reads the manuals anyway Tom?
  8. As Mathijs stated back on February 5, TSS will be creating a custom sound pack for the A330. A quick forum search would've alluded you to this answer Have a good day!
  9. This is quite a trivial thing and is of course seen as more important in the flight sim world than it really is real world, however a possible implementation could arise from an ACARS post flight report, which shows basic information such as flight time, routing flown, altitude flown and a few other parameters I believe I saw something similar on a Virgin Atlantic A333 during my work experience, not sure how easy this is to implement and with the popularity of virtual airlines and the like that can track such information may be a pointless feature to add.
  10. Like they said...................
  11. I did not mean a chart app , I know this exists. But a stand-alone app that works as an EFB for all the aerosoft aircraft.
  12. I don't want to venture too far off topic, but how about have an app for android and ios that you can link up to your aircraft and can use as an EFB for charts, for performance and other things etc..?
  13. Swiftly moving on from the whole realism thing, how's the alpha testing going?
  14. Will there be an option to change the default Thrust red/Accel and Engine out Alts?
  15. layth23

    Moving up to Flying VATSIM / IVAO

    100% I would love to help out all the pilots who needed it but when I am getting rammed with pilots into a really busy airport please give me a break