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  1. Hello, When powering up the airplane from cold'n dark, it is impossible to get both F/O's display working... Even when following the checklist, only both PFD and ND on the cpt side are working. Any idea? kind Regards, Eric
  2. OK, thx Stephen! ! ! Only remaining now is the PFPX exporting towards the CRJ PRO in P3D V4.5... Kind Regards, Eric
  3. Hello, in addition to this, which template is to be used? I can’t find the templates in the installation files. kind Regards, Eric
  4. Yes I do, that's the folder were i put the.rte file manually. This for the QW 787 as well as for the PMDG/737NGXu
  5. Hi 0rjan, The root folder is as per installation... Kind Regards, Eric
  6. Hello, Recently, i installed the all new PMDG 737NGXu, as well as the QW 787 in my P3D 4.5 simulator. Now, when trying to export the flight plan from PFPX into these two airplanes directory, i get failure messages as per attachement. Even after confirming the exact path, still the same. Now, when manually copying the flightplan from the FSX locations into the P3D folders does the trick, but is not the idea... Anybody who knows the fix for this? Kind Regards, Eric
  7. OK, I have PFPX V2.03, and in P3D V4.4 the aerosoft A320 fam Professional. How can i save the flightplans for this airplane? Many thanks already!!!!! Eric
  8. Super, that was the fix ! ! !! Must i install this file every time there is a NAV database update? Kind Regards, Eric
  9. Hello, I recently upgraded my PFPX from V1.28.7 to V2.03. With this upgrade, i get attached popup window when i select the "find route" button. Attached a screenshot of what i find every time. Please assist. Kind Regards, Eric
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