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  1. Well i wish you do but no problem. Yes there are reasonable Busses for XPlane and i watch their tutorials. Non of them good as much as Aerosoft i think. So anyway i will hang on with Fsx then. Thanks. By the way, come on guys, don't eat, don't sleep... We are waiting for A330 soon as possible.
  2. Hello, I am not happy with Fsx so i want to buy XPlane 11. Will Aerosoft Airbus A318/319/320/321/330 be compatible with XPlane 11 or not? If not why not? Thanks.
  3. Airbus view system enough for me so i don't need to pay extra for that. I was just asking for zoom but Mathijs explained. I am not agree but what can i do? Guys at least relese 330... We can not wait anymore...
  4. Hello, I love Aerosoft Airbus. Only one thing has to be done i believe. Just like default planes and PMDG planes, when you click to screens (Pfd, Nd, Ecam) has to pop up (zoom) This option will help while you are flying. Will it be done this time?
  5. Hello, If i am wrong someone can tell me. I believe Bus testers already using Aerosoft Airbus A330. If it's right, Ecam, Nd and Pfd screens are clickable? Like when you click on them are they zooming? And If documentation .pfd files are ready please share with all of us so we may get ready until you guys release the bus... Ohh and we been waiting enough... So let it go Thanks.
  6. Dear Aerosoft team, I have no patience anymore. Just release my A330. Enough.

  8. Yeah friends i have the problem also. I see Mcdu black. Can't do nothing. Help please.
  9. Aerosoft Airbus A321

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