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  1. Hi Guenter Thank you for the update Version I confirm it works on P3D v4.5 as well. Regards Adrian
  2. No, I updated the client, the content, and the scenery in this sequence. I did it manually with the individual msi files.
  3. I do have the very same issue on taxiway 'C' too. "Picture1" shows the position, where the taxiway 'C' disappears. Please note, that the taxiway within the red boundary can still be seen a little bit. In "Picture2" you can see, that the taxiway 'C' will disappear until the end of the de-icing area. The taxi light housing, however, can still be seen during daytime. I think, I didn't have this issue with P3D V4.1. I upgraded to P3D V4.5 lately and since then I notice this. As a result, I uninstalled the scenery and installed it again. But I still have the same issue. Any
  4. Hi AS team I'm a happy user of the Zurich scenery since years. And I appreciate the recent update very much, thanks! With this update, I expected the scenery to be compatible with the actual navdatapro chart (see extract of Dock A below) in the area of "Dock A". The reason I'm asking for this is due to confusions during online flying (VATSIM). Due to the fact that the Zurich scenery shows the old gates of Dock A (see attached screenshot) and it is not possible to park at a Gate like A13, VATSIM controllers still assign the 'old' gates. But when using up-to-date charts,
  5. @Thomas Ammann I don't see the issue with lake Zurich in my installation. I'm also using the updated version v1.1.0 cu, Adrian
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