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  1. Nevevmind! Sorted. I was apparently on an older version of the a320, had to update.
  2. Check this out, see if you find anything; Goodluck!
  3. Only the overhead? Are you running p3dv4.4 or above? Aerosoft's A320 Professional requires p3dv4.4 or above as the RealLight and TrueGlass won't work below it. (I believe) You should also check if the RealLight .dll and folder is in the gauges folder of your P3D Directory.
  4. What issue are you having? are you unable to find the light switches / knobs?
  5. You're not missing any switches, because it's not a switch! Just underneath the FCU (as we call it in the airbus), you will find 2 small knobs you can scroll down to dim or turn off. Hope this helped! - Fabi
  6. Me and my friend have both got the a320 up in cold and dark state, and we can connect, even join session, it'll bring the aircraft together / tp us together however, nothing is synced apart from the controls (from inside only), I can see him move his flight stick and he can see me move mine and the rudder and throttle and such. If we takeoff, with me being the PF, I'm in the takeoff state and he's still in Cold/Dark state but the aircraft still moves for him. No buttons or screens are synced though.
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