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  1. According to the release notes for from a few days ago, support for Windows 7 is removed from SIMstarter NG. Just to be on the safe side, does this mean that Windows 7 users should not install this and subsequent updates?
  2. One workaround is to create a backup of the entire route database, delete the database, then import the backup. The tool validates all the routes in the backup before importing and automatically excludes all outdated routes. That's about 4,000 routes with the most recent AIRAC database (1813). 1. In the Route Database window in PFPX, select all the routes, click Backup below the list, and save the backup file. 2. Select all the routes and click Delete. 3. Click Import on the toolbar at the upper side, select your backup file, and click Open. 4. Grab a coffee while PFPX runs the validation checks on 9000+ routes. It only flags valid routes for import. 5. When it's done, click Import below the list. Warning: PFPX might freeze momentarily because of the size of the operation. It looks like a crash but isn't. Be patient. Charles
  3. Appreciated the honesty of the "What's not available, what's wrong" forum post on release. I normally wait until after a few patches & updates before getting something new, but knowing what to expect in this case actually encouraged me to buy the v1.0 version. First impressions after 2 short flights: Beautiful flight deck, great frame rates out of the gate, and improved flight modeling compared to the previous version (especially hand-flying the final approach). One downside not mentioned in the "what's wrong" post are the initial climb and descent rates. I'm seeing numbers above 6,000 fpm for a few moments before they come down to more realistic levels. The overhead panel of my beautiful fight deck is stained and dripping with splashed Aerosoft Grande Dark RoastTM. Charles
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