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  1. Release day😍 finally, just waiting for the CRJ-1000 from Iberia to land here at ZRH 😁
  2. I will be redoing my first flight i did in FSX KMIA- TNCM with a Delta Livery. 😁
  3. Can't wait to do the first approach with this beauty into Ua Pou 🙈 first time i sat in a Twotter was there 😁
  4. Hi i haven't found it yet in the suggestions here but an Junkers 52 or how we call it here in Switzerland The Tante Ju for MSFS would be spectacular. Thx and greetings from ZRH
  5. i would say the Shadow on the Fuselage looks a bit strange if i get it right where the light is coming from.
  6. Oh god, i'm seeing some crazy speculations incoming 🙈 what have you done Mopperle 🙈 Will it be 42 Days until release, 42 hours etc.
  7. I don't know if it has already been asked.But i would kinda like something like a DC-9.
  8. Okey after a 3rd clean reinstall of ORBX and LSZH and then installing your Hotfix everything seems fine now hopefully it stays like this Thank you guys for your help! Greetings Fabio
  9. @swisspilotace i tried it but unfortunately it didn't work out... @masterhawk i tried your hotfix but it just solved some mesh problems but nothing more.. and then i disable all LSZH in ORBX and got some strange things happening like trees on the runway missing roof etc. i think im just going to do a clean reinstall of orbx and LSZH...
  10. Hi I have switched to P3D V5 and reinstalled everything. I'm using Zurich Professional together with ORBX Global and Europe Landclass. Unfortunately when i wanted to fly i saw that i have double towers and some other terminal building at LSZH. Yes aswell i use GSX Level 2 but i don't think so this has anything to do with it. Has anyone a suggestion how i could fix that? Thank your and Greetings from LSZH Fabio
  11. Hi Yeah i'm sorry i was a bit confused but realised then that i think only Edelweiss uses a Swiss Flag next to Registration.. But Thank you anyway for your great work! Already made an Flight from LSZH to New York with the little guy. Greetings Fabonymous
  12. That's exactly what i've been Looking for all the time. It Looks great! The only Thing is there is the Little swiss Flag missing on the side of the registration greetings Fabonymous
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