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  1. I noticed this problem the moment I went to update 1809 (which windows pulled after the issues) - I went back to prior to 1809 and problem resolved itself completely.
  2. On the latest build I am unable to get an arrival ATIS, only my departure comes up and cannot add any other airports
  3. Try to use version numbers instead of date downloaded; the latest to my knowledge was on 9/28 Version See post below - its a complete uninstall/reinstall situation so the updater will not work in this case. Not sure if this solves the problem you mentioned but worth a shot before the bug report
  4. Just so you know in my aerosoft instant downloads - it shows Version: however the EXE is V1210
  5. Just wanted to say thank you to the team who fixed the SID Altitude Constraint - just tested very quickly before work on the A320 and it stopped when it should so hopefully all good. In the FMS is still showed restraint at XX100 by adding 100 at the end but when engaged it stopped correctly. Experimental (You can delete or close this post) Thank you!
  6. Not sure if any update to this issue was included in A320 package but same issue occurs on A320.
  7. Thanks for trying that; Good to hear someone else having issues with SID constraints
  8. Out of curiosity, is this a issue that any of the testers can repeat especially for the SID constraints out of LAS for example? Some more information if it helps; 1. Windows Version. Windows 10 Home 2. Windows Updates Turned On? Yes 3. Simulator Version (FSX, FSX Deluxe, FSX Acceleration, FSX Steam (SE), P3DVx.x) P3D 4.3 - - Fresh Install (when I previously reported issue it was on a older computer using Windows 7 - this computer brand new and still having issue on new OS) 4. NavData Product and Cycle (Example: NavDataPro Cycle 1806). Navigraph 1809 and experienced on 1808 as well 5. Version of the Airbus (Example: 1.0.0,1). latest build 8. Airbus Type (A318, A319, etc.). All models/engines 9. Engine Type (CFM, IAE). Please include livery if the issue involves aircraft external graphics. All - any livery default or add on 10. If the issue involves P3D, please tell us if you've installed all four (4) legacy versions of SimConnect (see footnotes on this page). All Four legacy SimConnects installed (ensured by attempting reinstall of them all) 12. At which point of operation/flight did you experience this issue. The constraints are actively showing on the Flight plan if I click on the Fix and try to ensure they are entered - the constraints show correctly prior to Fuel being added to the calculations 13. Description of what you experienced. Will not stop at ANY of the SID altitude constraints - acts like there is none yet if I view the CSTR info along my route I do see them all listed correctly. AP is in correct managed mode - verified several times. Also occasionally see the restraint plus 100' but it still does not stop. It will keep updating as I am climbing out for higher altitudes 14. Screen shots of the Fuel Planner Page (if used for the flight) and MCDU3 Fuel Page. If you use third party software for the Fuel and Loadout then please provide screen shots of those pages. Screenshots are exactly what was happening above A good test is LAS SHEAD1 or BOACH8 off of runway 26L/R - it has restriants there for ROPPR anad MDDOG etc on Shead
  9. I cannot seem to adjust the Checklist PF or Checklist PM volume - I have tried values all the way down to 0% and they all sound exactly the same. P3D 4.3 running with admin rights / Windows 10 / GTX 1080
  10. Just a small update; I just got a new computer (was running Windows 7 / GTX 950 so it was struggling) - the new computer I upgraded to is Windows 10 based with GTX 1080 and running like a champ. I was hoping the issue was something Windows 7 based but on the new computer I load up the same flight plan and still same issue; I have experienced this as well out of LAX because I was wondering if it was a LAS SID thing. Am I the only one where SID restraints are not being followed? Thanks
  11. I am seeing the exact items as the screenshots above on my flight plan in MCDU (showing constraints on the page as well as showing them in plan view). Utilizing Navigraph latest AIRAC 1808. It shows the constraint as if the system is properly detecting it but then once fuel/loading is completed it doesn't show the proper altitude listed on the F-PLAN page and just continues climb. I will take screenshots next time I am in the sim if needed - just concurring with above user that I am seeing same thing - appreciate all your time and work into the project; really great stuff Mark
  12. Just flew the SHEAD1 out of LAS, seeing the same exact things as noted above; aircraft just blows through the restraints
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