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  1. Can confirm the windsock issue, where a red cross appears instead of them. Doesn't happen all the time but once in a while the red cross appears instead of the windsock, on both sides of the airport. It started happening for me with the latest version of SODE. P3D V4.3 - latest version of ENGM.
  2. That did indeed solve it for now. Support within 1 hour on a sunday +1 Thanks.
  3. Alright thank you for clarifying that. Due to the nature of DL in P3D V4 at the moment i never fly during night time so for me it wouldn't hurt to turn them off, out from the pictures shown above. Can you tell me which files i need to edit intensity in, in order to solve this temporarily?
  4. I have an issue with the flood/apron lights at Zurich prof. When you load the scenery from the menu there is no issue. But if you load somewhere else and fly to Zurich some of the flood/apron lighting appears around the airport during daytime (see pictures below). It can also be triggered by spawning at Zurich, slewing away, and then slewing back to the airport. If you park your aircraft below one of the lights it lights up the cockpit, so it's clear that it is some kind of dynamic light and it gives quite a performance hit during the day because of how bad DL performs. Windows 10 - P3D V4.2 - Zurich prof V1 fresh install. Fresh Load with no issue: After flying to the airport triggering the bug:
  5. Is the difference in taxi-line color intended? it looks a bit weird. It is on the southern part of the airport just next to taxiway A. P3D V3.4 - ENTC V.1.03(fresh install) - Windows 10. A friend confirmed for me that he sees it in FSX as well.
  6. Alright, thanks for the info. Regarding ENBR - the files fixed the issue, this thread can be closed
  7. Ehm, express delivery, holy **** that was quick, thanks ! While you're here can you tell me if the fact that there is no 3D Grass in ENGM is intentional or a bug, because i dont see it after the update, i've tried spring and fall settings in the config, none of those make it work - same setup.
  8. Note that this was present for me in the previous version, i just din't wanna post about it because it wasn't officially compatible. The end of the runway in both ends makes the aircraft bounce as if you were rolling on grass (see video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-XwOmp_OcY&feature=youtu.be No custom mesh used in in the video - and my mesh setting is in limits of what is recommended in the manual. Version.1.03 of ENBR in P3D V3.4
  9. As in the entire application or just the charts for ENVA?
  10. Can anyone explain why the installer wants to install navdatapro with the scenery, what function does it add?
  11. Ahhhh come on thats not very nice, you cant freaking show us that without a takeoff roll.... with sound!
  12. Just had a look through the manual, cant find anything that would indicate that it is my settings are off.
  13. i tried different values from like 0.3 to 1.0. doesn't seem to make a difference.
  14. Affirm no self applied tweaks to the config and letting the sim rebuild a fresh config does not solve the problem either. Neither does a reinstall of the scenery.
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