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  1. Hi all would aerosoft consider making an update for Dublin as there are new gates and new parking areas around
  2. I don't believe this question was asked, in the current buses when you were changing between the the different throttle detente let's say toga to climb it would instantly click whereas on other Airbus products like bbs or fslabs there's a transition where the throttle moves. Keep up the great work can't wait to take this across the pond
  3. The only a330s that have the tail cams are the new a330 neos/800/900 etc, they have the new Airbus cockpit similar the the a350 and a380
  4. While we may complain about bbs in this forum, the aerosoft product is not released yet so the bbs is the best a330 on the market currently I own the bbs aircraft and they are pretty good obviously though aerosofts will be much better
  5. It's great that we can have both the wide and narrow door not only does that cover just the Trent700 but for those of us whose airlines operate the GE engines(I know this isn't included) as fictional repaints
  6. Just an option for the efb would it be worth having it as a 2d panel like the fmc so we could have it in a corner of our screen
  7. I recently learned that on some a330s when traffic on tcas is within 2500 feet(height) of an aircraft the radio altimeter activates will this be included?
  8. The livery looks very specific. Did you guys just enter into an agreement with Airbus
  9. Yeah saying that because it's an Arabian airline, it must have an Arabic accent is untrue, I'd go so far as to say that Emirates has more foreign pilots like, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and many more, than actual Emiraties, sure it might be the case that an airline like Aer Lingus has mostly Irish pilots
  10. Would you guys consider giving fs2crew some exclusive access so it could release with or as soon as release? Also here's a possible alternative to not doing the GE/PW engines on release, include a sound pack for them(either at an additional cost or other) so we can still hear our beautiful engines
  11. I agree, I have the pmdg ngx and 777 for several years now and have only once used the failure system.
  12. Sorry pre order is not available, it's usually only available once a firm release date is established and/or is within a certain period before release, if there was a preorder as would have made enough money from this forum alone
  13. I understand that you are enhancing/updating some standard everyday features of the a330(and later implementing them on the Airbus 318/9 and 320/1), once you start the engines usually once the engine has stabilised a little avail light will show above the respective engine, will this be modelled?
  14. Would you ever consider putting an animation (I don't know if that's what you call it) on the flap lever i.e it lift up then onto the next detent, sorry if this is hard to understand
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