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  1. Sometimes miscommunications happen. The problem here is that one group is US based (PMDG) and the other is here in Germany...so we hav about a 6 or 7 hour time difference. I an sad that I won't get to fly the 777-200er today but I will hopefully get to do so tomorrow. -Kiel
  2. Thanks Mathijs. This wasn't good news but at least we know more than we did. -Charles
  3. I'd imagine sometime after 1200 Central European Time. But we can only hope . In the meantime I'm visiting the download section of the aerosoft shop about every hour or so. Respectfully, Charles
  4. Will we be able to download it from the instant download section of the aerosoft shop? -Charles
  5. Greetings, I am wondering when yhose of us who purchased the PMDG 777 base package from Aerosoft will be able to download the latest version. Thanks. -Charles Kiel
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