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  1. Affirm. i have those numbers in the CFD.cfg. I tried on both of my computers. one is windows 10 and does NOT connect, other is windows 7 and does connect properly. both on the same network. to people that have the connection problem, could you precise if your OS is Win 7 or 10?!
  2. Hey, I'm trying to fly with a friend on "Connected flight Deck" but we are having some brake problems. When we operate parking brakes, turn it off, their is this continuous red "differential Brake" or just "brake" thats pop up and immobilize aircraft. and the parking brake will not be able to reactivate We both have same version of A330, of p3d, log via hamachi, and of course do not have those axis problems flying solo... If anyone has a idea, i'll take it!! Thx (Uninstall/reinstall completed as recommended)
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