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  1. Shouldn’t the new installer be reading stable and not still That means that the new installer has not been updated.Why not?
  2. Just some information,the weight of A380 undercarriage weighs 25 tons,so i wondering what it is for the A330.🤔
  3. Thankyou very much for taking the time out for all this information I very much appreciated it.I have just made my purchase of this magnificent piece of history aircraft.Again Thankyou for a wonderful aircraft.Now to sit and study and learn.😊
  4. Thankyou for that information also in regards to autopilot does it have lateral and vertical and any other autopilot features my apologie for the ignorance I’m completely new to such aircraft avionics and so on. Thankyou in advance Regards.
  5. Hello I’m interested in purchasing this magnificent aircraft however I like to ask besides the manual that it comes with,does it also come with a tutorial flight please as this is a very complex aircraft and I’m only used to cdu fms and autopilot. Thankyou in advance Zdenek.
  6. Great Thankyou for the information. Regards.
  7. Different behaviour in flight you say please explain? Regards.
  8. I already own the A319 professional but I’m interested in purchasing the 320/321 also however can someone tell me please what is the difference between the two buses in and out and flight? Regards.
  9. I wanted a advice from Aerosoft as well as from PMDG no harm in that is there? Thankyou. Regards.
  10. I understand however i have already got PMDG QOTS installed on the computer which was a download from PMDG so OS is already installed there what I’m worried about that will this new 737 which is a DVD purchase from Aerosoft override the OS or anything else?And here you only have updates for the FSX Version but not P3D V4 so do i get the updates from the OS?This is not clear to me. Thankyou.
  11. I just purchased the DVD box Version of PMDG 737 NGX P3D V4 how does one register the product so i can receive updates for it.As there no listings in the updates only the FSX Version But not P3D V4? Regads Zdenek.
  12. Excellent at least you’re flying in the warm areas I’m in Melbourne.
  13. The updater is terrific it’s so much easier than reinstalling each time the plane gets updates.I wish more devs would look towards this system.
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