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  1. I've fixed the problem in OSM, now the runway generated by Ortho4XP is fine. @Fiideell
  2. Some insight here:
  3. It's likely to be caused by the runway being on the boundary between two different scenery tiles (+45+008 and +46+008). The flattening code has worked for the northbound part where the main airport LSZA is located while in the southbound part the elevation is given by the DEM data alone, because there no airport ICAO is found by Orho4XP code (I figure out you're using it for ortho scenery). I have this issue as well. I believe only the creator of O4XP can help or you can try flattening the airport by adding the line "1302 flatten 1" to the apt.dat file (but you may spoil the surrounding mountains).
  4. @PilotBalu hi, I'm noticing that all around and inside the Lagoon of Venice is full of trees (+45+012). They shouldn't be there. Are you still in time to correct it for version 3.1? Folder is n.4 - forests. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!! Cris
  5. Hi @PilotBalu there's a small error in the 3.0.6 X-Europe-1-vfr+corr package file, see here: Thanks. Edit: I just saw it's been already noted above
  6. Excellent scenery, only one thing that deserves a little attention: runway 16L is pretty much offset towards East. Tried with default XPlane LIRF (Gateway) and it's correct according to real world coordinates. Thanks.
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