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  1. Thank you Secondator for your clear and complete answer. Not being an expert of Airbus, I didn't know about the "not intercept case" if heading is leading outside a dashed NAV path. However, your answer says it all, I'm glad you'll look at it when you will have time. In the mean time, I will exercise the Radial In method for my RNP approaches. Thanks a lot! Cheers
  2. Hi there. I've been doing some tests and some research here and there about this, but with no success so far. I'm trying to intercept a final RNP APCH course from ATC vectors. Let set the situation. Airport doesn't matter, but let say I'm going for an RNP APCH at LFBA, RWY 29. ATC takes me on radar vectors, from south, towards the final app. In MCDU, RNAV 29 is selected. APPR MODE is as well active, all speeds and data are set for the arrival airport, aircraft is configured correctly (IAS 180kts, Flaps 1, LS is off). I'm now stabilised at 2500ft, well before FAP. ATC gives me a "left heading 320 to intercept final approach course, cleared RNP APCH 29". I'm so on an intercept angle of 30° left of final course. This heading is leading more or less 2NM before FAP. How do I capture the final course on this heading? Do I have to turn manually (I mean "selected") approaching the extended centerline? I tried multiple options : pushing the APPR FCU button once established on the intercept heading, but the aircraft went through the axis without intercepting. setting a direct to IF or FAP on the F-PLN page, then engaging NAV mode, but then of course it turns the aircraft towards the selected point, and is not following anymore the intercept heading So basically, am I doing something wrong? Or simply the bus is not able to perform an "IAN-like" RNP approach (IAN - Boeing terminology for ILS-like approaches). Then, if bus is not able, how do pilots in real life do when vectored to final course to intercept again managed approach? I do have latest bus version, on P3Dv4.5+Hotfix, latest Navigraph AIRAC, ... Thanks for your help!
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