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  1. Hello, Just bought Mega Airport Prague P3D V4 - terrain issue from aerosoft´s website and I am experiencing terrain issues - I have Orbx LC Europe v.4.1.1 which does not have a "terrain adjustment" button as the previous version to sort out this issues. Can you please help me? Thanks.
  2. Hello. Since I installed A330 professional I always have the "lights on" voice from the checklist popping up randomly at different flight stages and it does not stop. Even though when cruising at FL400 it appears all of a sudden and it does not go away which is very annoying. I have going to the chekclist and if the function "Skip Item" is available I press it but it does not go away. It is really annoying!.
  3. Hello, I am experiencing massive issues with the on-board cameras of this A-330. I thought it was initially that it was due to "Chase Plane" software, so I turned off the cinematic mode but the problems persisted. I turned off completely Chase Plane and the A330 was still changing its views by itself randomly: sometimes the camera gets totally crazy and changes view every 3 sec. , other times every 30 sec. or so. Could you please help me? Thanks,
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